A Phrase that Offers Clarity

What is all the hype about enlightenment and spirituality? Everyone wants in on this spectacular feeling. Thus, more and more people search for a way out of a mundane existence. Nevertheless, a thought, person or situation does not miraculously change because of enlightenment. Let’s refer to the following insight from a Zen Buddhism phrase to illustrate.

“Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”


This phrase is a fundamental stepping stone for anyone on his or her inner journey. Please focus on the act of being, regardless of any detail within this state of beingness. I realize sharing this insight with you is repetitive. Nevertheless, a shift from mind to conscious living is a process that also involves relearning how to observe living life. Equally, how you observe yourself in any given moment offers either conscious clarity or continual mind slavery. Therefore, it is beneficial for us to walk the path of self-discovery with only the essentials in our backpack. Your conscious awakening during the inner journey does not need any extra baggage such as assuming, judging, labeling or searching.

A Phrase to Use as a Conscious Stepping Stone

Any attachment or dependency placed on a thought, emotion or situation are burdens that restrict conscious enlightenment. In other words, please do not focus on all the baggage attached to words such as enlightenment or spirituality. Otherwise, such attachment and dependency conceal a simplistic truth that the mind cannot accept. You constantly exist in a state of being that abounds within pure enlightenment. Therefore, the acceptance of your beingness, without attachments, is an expression of conscious awareness. Being is enough. This is a statement that shares the simplicity of living an enlightened life.

There is nothing missing in your life experience. Ultimately, you don’t need to search for something that you have already. Although, you might use different stepping stones during your inner journey. Nonetheless, the nature of these stepping stones is insignificant. Therefore, please don’t confuse your experiences during this self-discovery journey as reasons or expressions of your beingness. Focus on living life as an expression of aware beingness. Being is truly enough. Everything else will naturally fall into place when you acknowledge yourself as the manifestation of this beingness.


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