Everyone Wants to Be a Superstar

Conditioning causes us to strive for more, and therefore we demand and expect many things. This is the downside of an imperialistic system that eventually became a democracy in most parts of the world. Thus, personal and social ramifications started early in our evolution. Therefore, there is a demand to do more, have more, and be more as a result of our development factors. Everyone wants to be a superstar.

There is only you, the one presence in this universe. And, it is you that is either consciously aware of this isness and oneness or not.


It is not necessary for us to consider social systems, politics, or even evolution. Still, reflecting on our evolution regarding the mind and object consciousness is a helpful spiritual stepping stone. The need to achieve more is evident in most industrial and heavily populated countries. Strive and do more is a way of life for most people.

The Superstar Syndrome

This need begins very early for a child and is very similar to Ivan Pavlov’s classical conditioning theory. Hereditary conduct, social guidelines, and code of behavior literally bombard a child. Parents, peers, and society in general expect the child to be better than anyone else.  And, this is what every child learns from birth to adulthood.

It would be correct to suggest that being competitive and motivated in relation to daily activities is acceptable. This is part of being human. Nevertheless, consciousness can and usually does pay a terrible price for this type of superstar behavior. We become caught up in a search for anything that will supposedly make us better people. Unfortunately, this demanding need to do more and achieve more overshadows awareness of life and thus suffocates conscious expansion.

Therefore, it is almost impossible to experience life consciously. Thus, we brush aside the eternal manifestation of life-conscious energy in our pursuit to reach superstar status. The manifestation of this universal liveliness is always there, always happening. But we usually overlook it because of conditioned demands and needs.

I hope that you are well and safe. Wishing you a nice day!

P.S. This is a revised excerpt from my third book Love Will Show You the Way: Choosing the Path of Least Resistance.


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