A Fire We Call Love That Consumes Us

There is a fire within us. You might know this sensation as something we call love. This emotion fascinates us. We desire it. And, often we hate it. Similarly, people often mistake sensuality for love. There is a need within many individuals that seek love as if it is a purpose to fulfill. Thus, this flame consumes the majority of people due to the demand for more.


Likewise, a person will often seek happiness through another person. The mind primarily influences our search for love. This insatiable need to find something is also prevalent in the search for spiritual fulfillment or salvation. But, still unknown to the majority of people, everything we search is already here within us. Still, many people spend their entire existence consumed by a flame that is only a mind game.

What is life and love? We probably will never know. And, the good news is we don’t need to know. However, conscious awareness is beneficial to the experience of both. The mind cannot differentiate between ultimate reality and the game that it plays. However, you, as an awake conscious observer, can end this long-standing game. The authenticity of your conscious experiences relies on your relationship to the inner self. We can also express this as the inner universe.

A Raging Fire…Sometimes Called Love

There is a spark within that reacts to every whim.
This spark becomes a fire again and again.
A flame kindled by want and more so by need.
There within is its strength, it seems.
But alas, there is also weakness.

Ultimately this type of fire has no true depth.
This wildfire disguises its true nature, more or less.
It swipes upon you masquerading as love.
This has happened to me; often indeed.
It has surely happened to you; again, and again.
We have stared at the stars as the ecstasy began.

The love that we feel seems so grand.
It is in the things of this world and all that we know.
Moreover, it is here and there and beyond the unknown.
There is a caring and kindness wished by all.
There is an infatuation as feelings clench our heart.
The emotions often erupt by the sun’s first light.

The feelings for love ignite this misguided fire.
Do not let this devious sensation fool you.
You may say to yourself, “Ah, this is love.”
There is a part of you that knows it is not true.
After all, it feels so good you scream without shame.
I seek love; I want it regardless of its name.

So, the fire spreads through you; there is no escape.
The flames flicker higher as you burn in this blaze.
It consumes your soul as you turn red in the glow.
You try to run but the heat is so intense.
Why even try as your heart begins to burst?
It hurts, you cry and still you will not let go.
Why, you ask, can love cause such pain?
This fire called love is in truth first a game.
It is the mind with so many thoughts and passion.
There is a fierce incineration.

It rages out of control, furious but fleeting.
You cannot distinguish the spark of love.
Still, take heed and beware this burning desire.
Otherwise only ashes will remain.
Always remember each love is like no other.
Love flows through all and will blossom anew.
It is everlasting, oblivious to the winds of change.
The seasons may come and go, but true love will live on.

What is true love, you ask?
Look deep within yourself.
Love and life without always searching.
Don’t always ask why.
Just be. Simple live. And blissfully love.

We need to stop living the self-induced illusions of love. We have invoked many misconceptions onto the purest of transparencies. Love is, in true essence, life. The two are synonymous. So, the two are not really two. They are one. What would happen if we pushed aside the folds of interpretations and deceptions associated with love?

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