Smile and Feel the Softness in the Air

A smile is a gesture of happiness and good will. Therefore, it is more than just a facial expression. All objects manifesting life have the ability to channel universal energy and to allow it to flow. We can enter the dimension of life conscious energy in each moment.


A Smile

A smile, every so often, may take a while.
There are sometimes days when you just can’t grin.
Why, you say, on such a day…why should I care?
The expression on your face is straight.

It is true that, at times, a smile seems out of place.
Your mind tells you not to bother.
Who cares the mind will say?
But, this happens only when you listen to your head.
These thoughts overshadow the moment.
Then there is sorrow and dread.
This should not be, but alas, often we do not see.

A smile is the golden key.
There is a twinkle in our eyes.
So, we softly chuckle as life flows.
It is the reason that we know.
Here, in this mystery called now.

This is your home.
And, you choose how to live.
You will remember just be aware.
Life offers so much more when you care.
It is deep within and also around and about.
Do you feel it?

Smile and Share Life

It is there, have no doubt.
Life surrounds you and abounds from within.
Therefore, share life and give life.
Do your best to accept whatever will be.
Look not only on the faces that go by.
Life is something beyond people, places, and things.

It is somewhere far beyond and still so near.
So, look within to find yourself and all things.
Discover it now.
It is always here.
Now you remember and now you know.
Let your smile blossom.
Nurture it and let it grow.

A smile offers a gateway to understanding and sharing. Wishing you a happy and safe day!

P.S. This link from Psychology Today offers insight into the mental and spiritual benefits of smiling.


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