Answers but What if There Are None?

We constantly switch back and forth between asking questions and expecting answers. Furthermore, it is in our natural to be curious. This is what we do and have always done. We ask questions and we search for answers. People, this is to say, the personal and collective mind are there to tell us stories and illusions.


Therefore, we usually seek answers based on our experiences. However, many are based solely on assumptions, thoughts and beliefs. Consequently, these cause conditioned behavior to develop. Hence, questions and answers are often fabrications that transpire throughout the tapestry of our experiences. These are the result of traits such as creativity, thoughts, emotions and ego. Furthermore, these traits; among others, are contributing factors in our relentless need to ask questions and expect a reaction. However, this usually originates in the mind and has nothing to do with living in a state of presence.

You might ask (no pun intended) what is wrong with being curious and wanting to find answers. Naturally, there is nothing wrong with pursuing an expansion of knowledge from an impartial standpoint. Nonetheless, we should not label and define something. The mind will demand it. However, this restricts our conscious awareness of living. Our wish is to be aware of consciousness; to feel and flow with it in every moment. Therefore, this desire should not be based on understanding it, interpreting it or defining it. Otherwise, the mind will continue to overshadow consciousness.

Living without Questions and Answers

I have come to a few conclusions.

– I don’t actually know anything. This is because what I presume to know is based on prior moments / experiences. The vibration field of any prior moment was perhaps similar ; but not equivalent circumstances to the current situation. 

– Knowing that I will be what I will be is enough. This is a verse from the Hebrew Bible (Ehyeh asher ehyeh) or in English translation I am that I am.

– Practicing awareness in relation to our experiences is about being the moment, being life, being consciousness. Presence, therefore our existence, is not about questioning, defining, interpreting, and judging. It is simply about living.

You and I will continue to consciously expand. Moreover, we are doing this in a natural manner. Free of mind-based behavior patterns. There is perhaps no manner of conceptual thinking that can give valid answers to questions about life, love and moreover, consciousness. However, I am sure this will not stop us from trying. 🙂 However, we should always remember…sometimes there are no answers.

Best wishes


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