Patience on the Path of Life

Let go and just allow. This sounds so easy. However, to simply flow with life and to just live is difficult for most people. And, this resistance is the result of a million plus years of mental and emotional barriers that suppress conscious awakening. Thus, most of our behavior is repetitious with slight detail alterations. Our unawareness to these mental processes keeps us in an endless loop of uncertainty, frustration and often fear. We can express this conditioned state of being as follows. We do not really know how to do what we do any other way then how we do it. Just for fun, repeat the last sentence three times really fast. 😊


Let’s determine a common ground. Letting go is not truly difficult when you practice active patience. However, a given level of conscious awareness is beneficial. Additionally, the experience of serenity is an inner experience and not an outer activity. We can illustrate the unity of conscious awareness with any experience through the following examples.

Firstly, focus on being and not wanting, having or doing. Primarily because the isness of your being is everything. You place your hand in cool water. How does this feel? A consciously aware person becomes the water in that moment through the act of unconditional being.  Another example is walking through a field. You smell wild flowers and reach out to caress the nearest flower. The conscious beingness within you knows that essentially you are this flower. Ultimately, the act of being and knowing encompasses the moment without needing to think about the experience. Therefore, any thought or emotion within here and now is unnecessary baggage that the mind attaches to the experience.

Patience Is a Virtue

Yes, of course, thoughts and emotions have a superficial purpose in our existence. But, does a thought or feeling actually change the isness of your being? The mind has difficulty with this question. Nevertheless, no thought or emotion can truly change the essence of your being. Unless, you misinterpret the depth and purity of your beingness because of mind distractions. It is this mind distraction that also causes confusion during our worldly interactions and life experience. Therefore, there are many questions that the mind asks that we do not need to answer. Perseverance on the inner path of self-discovery involves a conscious and unconditional observation of yourself interacting with a mind-created world.


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