Gentleness Is Easily Given to Others

We thrive and flourish through acts of kindness and love. To ask how, what or why is unnecessary. gentleness, at least at a fundamental basis, is universal. Thus, everything in the universe has the potential to express kindness. The level of conscious awakening is significant to the manifestation of compassion on a universal scale.


Is the previous paragraph too vague? Hopefully not. But, please acknowledge that words are nothing more than gateways during our inquiry into consciousness. The first chapter of the Tao Te Ching from Lao Tzu offers wise insight relating to words and labels. A focus on conscious awareness and gentleness offer unity.

Gentleness Is Always Possible

Oneness is an expression of unity and essentially the building block of the universe. And, literally everything has elements of the universe within itself. Therefore, it is accurate to say that all things are one. Furthermore, energy flourishes everywhere and pulsates with life. Likewise, we can communicate and co-create with life and universal energy. Love and kindness flow within the mainstream of life.

Let words, and quite literally anything else take you to the shore of this stream. However, in so doing, practice conscious awareness. Then, allow the energy of life to take you along, without hesitation. Flow with life. There are countless possibilities within this universal stream. The following Bible passage offers insight into one possibility available through the manifestation of kindness.

Luke 6:31 Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Kindness, love and consciousness awareness are always a choice. I offer this insight, on occasion, as a reminder for us to practice in daily situations. Is your focus on the activities of the mind? Do you hesitate before you share kindness or love? Consciously living nurtures, the universal flow of life. While unaware, unconscious living constricts free movement. Therefore, be aware and know that the focus of your being determines the flow of life energy.

I wish you a happy and safe day.


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