Eternity on the Path of Life

You will always be the totality of anything, no matter what you experience or confront. Reality is always a direct reflection of your observation. Live life unconsciously and there will always be assumptions, labels, confusion and fear. However, consciously living this life experience offers an eternity of possibilities.


A Walk in Eternity

I went walking just the other day, not really that far away.
At least this is what I had thought.
But, in fact, I walk an eternity each day.
It was a day early in autumn.
The leaves turning colors.
Each was so beautiful…glowing red, orange, and yellow.
I cannot remember when I last went walking.
There was no true destination; still, I did not linger.

The beauty of that day swept me away.
The birds were singing.
The sun shined as its warmth caressed my being.
I never thought of myself as a dreamer; yet here I was dreaming.
Was it really a dream or a dream within a dream?

Thoughts can lead us astray.
Do not heed them.
Perhaps we should say, Let come what may.
Accordingly, whatever is…is.

Living Within the Flow of Eternity

Unquestionably, I sense something.
However, this something is unknown.
And yet, somehow, you and I know that, which is unknown.
Still, we label life a mystery.
And, rightfully so. Quite frankly, why must we know?
Life is beyond what the mind conceives.
I feel the universal flow deep within. And, so do you.
Before you react, look consciously within yourself.
Life is not this person, nor a job or a home.
Rather, it is the totality of everything in its eternity.
But, the mind wants to define, to label and know.

Nevertheless, life and the universe remain unknown.
Still, you, I and the universe share the beingness of being.
Therefore, I am not just this person that does what he does.
This is odd, you might say.
Yes, there are others that would have it another way.
Many people still stay in a box called the mind.
Thus, they show me, they tell me, do this and do that.
They try to convince me; indeed, they do.
And, there are many that insist they know me.

However, I am not really me.
Instead, I am everything…alive and free.
Yes, there I was walking and enjoying the sun.
I knew and yet I did not know.
There I was flying with the birds as they sang.
I felt as a leaf gliding in the wind.
Floating, twirling, and dancing the song of life.
How long did I walk?
I cannot say.
But, I enjoyed an eternity that day.
Look deep within yourself.
Then take my hand.
Let’s consciously walk together as one on this path called life.

I wish you happiness and good health each day.


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