Are You Too Serious About Everything?

Everything seems so serious. True, any given moment might involve a situation that needs attention. All of which seem so real and often very serious. Likewise, we use rigid values as guidelines in all we do. William Shakespeare summarized our behavior well in his play Much Ado about Nothing. People fanatically complain, overreact and cause commotion over insignificant details.  Occasionally, such behavior might have a practical purpose that is, at best, temporary.  Furthermore, this can restrict our conscious awareness. Thus, limits our life experience.


So, often we view life as a collection of events that are quite serious. Nevertheless, let’s reflectively consider if everything is as earnest as we think.  Our level of conscious awareness decides everything. Therefore, an unaware person is quick to agree with any thoughts and beliefs. On the other hand, a consciously aware person is likely to objectively observe everything with non-attachment. So, it is feasible to suggest the following. The seriousness of any given situation doesn’t result from the details within the moment. Instead, we attach complexity to everything due to our interpretation. The interpretation derives from mental reactions that initiate due to conditioning factors.  This imposes a sense of significance onto situations that are actually insignificant. But, everything is as it is in any moment. This is true, regardless how we interpret something.

Everything Is not as Serious as It Seems

So, how can conscious awareness influence our experiences? Firstly, and foremost, awakened consciousness does not change a situation, thought or emotion. Whatever is in this moment is. However, aware consciousness changes how you experience anything.  Let’s us an example to illustrate a conscious response to something you might think is serious. You pour milk into a glass. And, you are in a hurry. You have somewhere to go or want to watch a TV show. So, you hastily pour the milk. The glass tips and milk spills over the kitchen counter and floor. You radically react and more milk from the bottle spills over everything. Obviously, we can use a well-known adage in this situation. Don’t cry over spilled milk. This suggests a simplistic and logical approach. The very act of being there in that moment is enough. And, your perception changes everything.

Okay, you spilled milk. Is it really that serious? Yes, you might say that spilled milk is not the same as a broken leg. You think a broken leg is terrble. But, please focus on the realization that everything simply is. The isness of now is ongoing. Thus, you are responsible for either attaching yourself or not attaching yourself to any details within the moment.

Best wishes

P.S. This link discusses how to deal with toxic personalities in daily situations.


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