Magical Forest on the Journey Home

This is a one of the many poems in my latest book Love Will Show you the Way. I am hopeful that the book will be helpful to others on their inner journey of self-discovery and conscious living. Have you ever entered a forest and felt the mystery of life?


There is a place of magic and mystery that awaits you each day. It is calling to you. Therefore, it would be best for you to go. There is so much to remember. Mother Nature nurtures and cares. But she can be unmerciful. Always remember that you are her guest; be wise and respectful. Many people have childhood memories of woodlands where they could go to escape into this fantasy world. Here life is pure and simple. It was easy to unite with everything as one. There we would play, sing, and forget the day. This place was an experience without thoughts that distract.

This seems so long ago. Do you think everything has changed? You may say that it seems we have grown older. However, the youthfulness of life lives on forever.

A Forest

There are discoveries beyond words within a forest.
It is only a hop and a skip away.
The branches invitingly bow as you enter.
The birds sing sweet melodies and welcome you.
Every step and each breath reveal magical things.
There deep within this woodland are the deepest shades of green.
The sun’s rays shine upon its canopy as the leaves stretch high.
Other sun beams dance there among the thick forage below.

The woodland landscape reveals an abstract sight.
The scenery beyond is a sheer delight.
Wildflowers stretch high to greet the sky.
A gentle breeze caresses the trees.
There on the distant hillside are evergreens.
The wind gently blows through the needles of pine.
Here is a bliss no word can describe.

A blue jay cries out from the treetops high.
Beware, beware, it sings to everyone.
A chipmunk dances on a tree trunk, nervously indeed.
The forest community pauses as the blue jay swoops about.
There for a second all is calm as stillness rings out.
Then, one by one, the birds begin to sing.

The stream near the forest bubbles ever so softly.
The churning water is so soothing.
There above it hangs a projection of rocks.
These are overgrown with thick moss.
It collects water that falls downward so heavy.
The drops splash in unison as it creates a watery symphony.

One, two, three and one two, three…
Each one descends.
Here I stand, unknowingly orchestrating it all.
I am the leader of the band and life is grand.
There in the middle of this forest by the stream.
I shall come here each day and dream.

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