Knowledge of Life: It Is Within You

Universal intelligence engulfs us. There is ultimately no need to question it. Still we have called this knowledge by many different names over thousands of years. Hence we have neglected the wisdom and flow of life. Physical conflicts dominate our existence. This is unavoidable for an object in this universe. But there are also conflicts that are unseen. These originate from mental and emotional manipulations and restrictions of the mind. We can change the experience of life.

“But this won’t happen until we have recognized and accepted the space within conscious living.”


There are barriers of the mind. Furthermore, the individual and collective mind invokes countless energy vibrations that can be damaging. Additionally, the lack of awareness causes a feeling of separation between yourself and the flow of life. The incapability to acceptance that there is something there that doesn’t need defining isolates people.

Knowledge of Being

This provokes more non-acceptance. This, in turn, will cause a person to quickly conform to thought and belief structures. Therefore, decreasing the probability that a person will simply allow what he or she innately knows to flow uninhibited. These conditioned behavior patterns may be the worst afflictions that human beings do to the state of being.

Release from these behavior patterns is a learning process. And the process of releasing thoughts, emotions and conditioned behavior can transform everything. Furthermore, an existence of barriers and manipulating circumstances will cease. You may begin to experience a feeling of indifference to what is happening. I do not wish to suggest that this transformation will mean that you don’t care about what happens. Rather it suggests that you will reunite with universal life intelligence. There will be clarity and non-attachment. But you will observe life, love, and basically everything from the essence of being.

You will be unresponsive only in the sense that worldly situations do not impair the flow of life. You will once again become the universal energy consciousness that manifests through you. This can be very empowering. It is interesting to note that nothing in the universe will actually change. But how you observe yourself. The universe and life will transform.


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