Affirmation of Presence Through Awareness

Awareness of presence is an affirmation of your true essence. This is, likewise, known as consciousness. However, we should not take labels and concepts too seriously. Furthermore, enlightenment is an experience beyond mind and body. It is not dependent on anything. You can only truly realize and experience what you are now. Therefore, enlightenment, presence, and your essence are infinite in nature.


Presence is a constant that will never change. Furthermore, the essence of consciousness can only thrive now. You may be asking how this can benefit you. A life-form that is aware of this unmanifested void of energy will nurture object consciousness. Eckhart Tolle stated that if you are not living this moment, you are not really living. Therefore, we can say that the awareness of presence is vital for object consciousness evolution. What does this mean for you? Let’s put this into perspective. We can express the affirmation of presence in the following sentence. It is only possible for you to be you now because the now can only be now.

Perhaps Leonard Nimoy’s TV character Spock would agree that this statement is “logical”. You can then accept thoughts and feelings strictly as mind aspects of our existence. However, this does not suggest that you are these things. Instead, the affirmation of the totality found within presence offers us enlightened clarity.

An affirmation of Being

Nevertheless, a persistent mind may still ask the following question. What are you if you are not the thoughts or details of your existence? It is obvious that you can only be you. This is, therefore, as undeniable as the affirmation that the now can and is always now. Hence, non-attachment allows us to experience the totality of presence. Thus, the one true self will manifest through this awareness.

Ask yourself this question. What do you choose to be? Do you wish to remain trapped within a conditioned mind game? Or will you accept that presence is the focus point of now? The latter is the only true possibility for us to observe our true essence in everything that we experience.

“The acceptance of being and flowing with life energy consciousness will allow space within all you experience. Or to express it in another way. It is all that there truly is because any given thought, feeling, activity, person etc. is only temporary. These things center on the mind and are a method of ‘doing’ something instead of simply ‘being’ everything.”

“You are not your mind, although it will persistently tell you it is you. But, there is something magical and mysterious beyond mind and self-consciousness. It is universal and nurtured by your level of awareness to the totality of life and love.”


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