Communication and Conscious Evolution

Communication is the name of the game for human beings. There are an estimated 7.19 billion active mobile cell phones worldwide. And, there are 7.8 billion people. Wow, it seems that almost every newborn child gets a cell phone at birth. (Spock, from Star Trek would say “fascinating”) Thus, many sharing possibilities are available to us locally, worldwide, and beyond.


This article is one such method of sharing with each other. However, let’s say that there are two types of universal communication. Fundamentally speaking. These are mind (object) or spiritual (consciousness). We understand the significance of clear communication. Or, do we? I ask this because how we communicate and, equally, how we interact with this frequency is significant. But, we do neither, nor in most of our experiences. I may have lost you at this point of the discussions. I am asking whether the energy transmission is of mind or consciousness. Mind invokes static energy and conscious energy insures immediate or eventual long-term clarity.

But, don’t be impatient. Simply allow consciousness to blossom. The mind will continue to interject static (thoughts and conditioned behavior patterns). But, these mind generated details will begin to fade away as you flow with conscious. This is to say, that you will no longer take the mind too seriously.

The next step for us is to deeply consider if our level of communicating will remain localized. Or, are we ready to universally reach out. A deeper understanding of our existence and life is beneficial in taking this step. I have chosen the word “deeper” to suggest that we should go consciously inward. This inner journey could initiate a true shift in our perspective.

The Next Step Is Conscious Communication

Communication is part of our evolution. This has mainly resulted in adding complexity in our daily activities. Oh, it is true, when viewed from the level of technology and for practical purposes, we have come far. But this type of communication does not necessarily initiate, object conscious awaken to a level of reunification with universal consciousness.

Still, a change from mind content orientation to conscious universality is happening. More and more people are observing themselves from within a field of active awareness.  The individual energy released first appears to be a localized occurrence.  But every energy frequency vibration influences universal life consciousness. But, we are usually not aware of how we are influencing this energy.

Communication on the level of human technology and activities will continue. But, there is a field of awareness beyond the mind. This dimension is freely accessible once you go with the flow. This conscious space is capable of offering an unrestricted understanding of your own being, the universe, and life. Hence, you will know enlightenment and thus be it.

I wish you a joyful day. Be well and safe.

P.S. This article from Psychology Today offers various ideas and insights into the mystery of consciousness.
Psychology Today – Consciousness Revealed!


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