Ambush of the Mind: Know the Signs

A few people have written to me about a quote from Alan Watts relating to muddy water. Firstly, it is beneficial to remember that words and things are vulnerable to assumptions and interpretations. This acknowledgment can be helpful in conscious expansion. However, the mind will ambush us in any and every moment. This is our conditioning. We are usually not aware of the mind’s intervention. Therefore, we remain a victim of its deception. This can happen during an unconscious reaction to any word, thought, person or situation. Here is the quote.

“Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.”
– Alan Watts


You can read this insight in his book “The Way of Zen” He shared wisdom that originates from universal intelligence. We can also tap into it in any moment. Yet, the mind interferes. This compels us to analyze and dissect. It is wise to leave the muddy water of life undisturbed (in peace). It does not suggest that we should avoid or deny something. The mud, as a term, could signify the details of our existence. He originally wrote this to indicate that society judge’s meditation and passiveness as wasteful and non-productive.

Ambush the Mind Before It Ambushes You

Nevertheless, let’s continue by focusing on the metaphor mud from the perspective of object conscious expansion. We often compare life to flowing water in a mountain spring. Murkiness can occur in this water due to our activities within it. Regardless, the water is ultimately pure. Nevertheless, the things that temporarily disrupt the pureness of life are not what causes us confusion, fear or pain. Nor, is it the mind or ego. Yes, the mind will ambush us again and again. This will remain until a given person has reached a deeper unification with universal consciousness. But, this does not imply that the mind is responsible.

The blurred observation of life results strictly from our state of presence. Rather, it would be more precise to call this our lack of presence. Consequently, a clear conscious observation of anything will allow us to leave the muddy water alone. This literally pertains to all “temporary things” of the universe; mind, ego, thoughts, people, situation and etc.

Universal energy is pure. It can appear muddy but this is a deception. Thus, it is wise to simply let it be because this condition is temporary. It is an illusion that will repeat itself until you consciously see through the mud. Therein, realize that you are the pure bubbling mountain stream of life that is never-ending. Nothing can contaminate you as long as this acknowledgement is accepted wholehearted.

Best wishes


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