Love Quotes: Love Begins within You

These words are a portal to the essence of love and life and of being. Yes, we will encounter difficulties and sickness as a life-form. Naturally, the flip-side can also be experienced such as happiness and good health. The form within our state of being is prone to such things.

Still, and perhaps more significantly, is our focus within the act of being. There are many distractions that will instantly substantiate that we suffer and have pain. Yet, these are only temporary. Furthermore, they only existence if we choose to give them our attention. This is to say, that we sacrifice presence for thought and emotional conjectures.

The details within this field of presence will seem to contradict with the simple act of being present. But, this is only a misinterpretation of living and loving within this moment. How can we change the way we experience life and love? This can be initiated by first accepting whatever it is that unfolds. This allows clarity to remain in the forefront of all that happens. Then, everything will fall into place with little or no help from you. Regardless if this means acceptance or change. It will happen as it should, if you are ready to allow it. Sound impossible? It’s not.

“Loving and Living can be indescribably wonderful experiences without human based labels, judgements and restrictions.”


“I looked beyond all things created by the mind Within a single eternal moment. It was as if I saw the oneness; as if I experienced everything. It is as if I am love; I am consciousness. This is also your essence. You are love and you flourish in everything.

“There is one love, one consciousness and one state of being.”

“One significant realization is to acknowledge that we exist in love, we are engulfed in life.”

“You ‘think’ that you want or need to love and this is what stops you from truly loving.”

“We are experiencing the energy of life and love has blossomed through this sharing experience.”

“Person lacking life awareness is coincidentally lacking true love awareness”

“The more you acknowledge that love is the universal foundation; the more likely it is that this is how life will manifest love in the universe. Have you ever imagined having this much influence over the universe? You do; furthermore, you are the universe.”

“It may seem to be raining from time to time but the sun is always there above the clouds and there is always love in the heart. Let this love and kindness shine. It is always your choice.”

“It would be very beneficial to remain consciously aware during any experience because the mind will otherwise start to fill presence with thoughts and emotions.”

“A smile offers a gateway to understanding and sharing. It is a path that leads to love.”

“You are confronting what you are, to become what you are.”

“You and not the mind is the architect of your existence; lest we not forget.”

“The most incredible thing about miracles is that they are always happening.”

“Now is the time to allow the universal totality to engulf you; as it has always done. Through this acceptance, you become what you have always been.”

“Cherish life, cherish and respect love; these are the energy frequencies in our existence that have the most likelihood of changing this world and the universe as we know it.”

“We are sharing the gift of life and love and compassion is our path” Therefore, life and love can flow freely through this precious endowment.”

“Lest love not be forgotten and it is best experienced through thoughtless devotion.”

“Love is equivalent to life. It cannot be defined, interpreted, manipulated or used to fulfill human based wants and needs.”

“Within a single eternal moment, I looked beyond all things created by the mind. It was as if I saw the oneself; as if I experienced everything. It is as if I am love; I am consciousness. This is also your essence. You are love and you flourish in everything.”