Muddy Water and Cloudy Consciousness

Everyone has experienced the effect of muddy water. It distorts a clear perception of any body of water; whether flowing or passive. Unclear water is a result of interaction with the waters nature state of existence. This could be any number of things such as dirt, sand or decomposed wood. This is an excellent example in considering how object existence can influence the flow of life energy consciousness as it expands.


Imagine a clear mountain spring with a small stream flowing from it. The water is crystal clear.  The stream meanders down the mountain side. It is in the nature of things for the pure water to pick up object content as it flows. This could be leaves, wood, sand etc. We could refer to this content as details of the water. The water will assimilate any object to reduce unnecessary manipulation or restriction of its flowing. The properties of any given object become that of the water and visa-versa.

But many object details (content) have a tendency not to unite completely with the water (life). These content details will settle on the bottom of the stream.  Content details of the water; although discarded, are still a part of the source. The water will always be there. The content or details of the water will vary.

Muddy Water and Mind Details

Still, the mind has added these details to life. This is either unconsciously or consciously done.  Nevertheless, we are doing this in every moment. A percentage of this content will assume a natural flowing movement with universal life consciousness. However, there is a portion of this mind-made content that does not assimilate with the meandering flow. This can result from species evolutionary processes and conditioning factors of our existence. This is the “excess baggage” of our mind. I am not referring to this baggage as good or bad. But it has dominated the space of conscious awareness throughout our evolution.

Moreover, this excessive baggage settles down into the recesses of our mind. This is similar to debris that settles to the bottom of a stream of water. Human content elements such as thinking, emotions and ego will remain lurking in the shadows of the mind. Excessive thoughts create muddy water in the flow of life. Hence this influences object consciousness and ultimately universal consciousness. The cloudy consciousness results from mind behavior and unconscious reactions.

Our mind becomes obscured. Nevertheless, it acknowledges the energy of life. But cannot connect with universal consciousness due to an opaque veil of conditioned behavior.  How to clear a muddy mind? Practice simple observation of your relationship with the mind. This will eventually minimize the output of unconscious mind energy that usually creates confusion, anxiety, and fear (muddy water).

“Excessive thinking and more so attachment to thoughts dominates our daily activities. But why? The mind thinks. But you must not. It is a choice. Remember. You are not your thoughts.”

Wishing you a joyful day!


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