Time Is a Foolish Game So Stop Playing

Time reflects your specific interpretation. Is this not evident in all aspects? How you view the inner universe decides everything. This allows us to reach for feats of grandeur. But, on the other hand, this phenomenon can restrict conscious awareness evolution. What is the deciding factor? Naturally, it is you. Your observation of the mind and inner universe determines what manifests. Likewise, a conscious understanding of what and why something manifests offers clarity and serenity. Acceptance is the key. The superimposed rules of time, for example, mean nothing. We create such things and we can just as easily do away with such manipulations and restricts. Of course, these guidelines have practical and relative use for us. But, do not benefit a conscious state of being.


Everyone is probably familiar with sayings such as time flies when you’re having fun or beat the clock. But, let’s consider something. Why does time fly or how do we beat the clock? So, we are solely responsible for creating these personal and collective illusions. And, the mind is indirectly responsible for this behavior. I use indirectly to suggest that the brain is simply doing what it does. However, each individual is responsible for becoming conscious of the minds demands and conditioned behavior.

Why Does Time Seem to Change?

Consider your childhood. Most people interpret time as something that moves slower when we are young.  Thus, most people ask the following question. Why does time go faster as we get older? Of course, this thought is absurd.  What does this question tell us about the complexities of being human? Nothing changes except the mind’s interpretation.

There are no alterations possible in the continuum of this instant. The moment is now and is constant. The mind initiates the concept of time. These delusions result due to thoughts, memory, and conditioning. Furthermore, the mind projects vibrations capable of disorienting our state of conscious awareness.

We cohere to these energy impulses and willing play a part in this illusion. Additionally, unconsciousness and conditioning cause us to label everything as good and bad. So-called complexities in daily activities are nothing more than misinterpretations of the now.

The mind does not accept that everything that was and will be happens now. Eckhart Tolle once said “This, too, shall pass”. This is a reminder that can benefit a person both mentally and consciously.

Wishing you a happy and safe day.

P.S. These articles consider concepts of time and space. I have also added a song from Jim Croce relating to time for your listening pleasure.

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