The Insignificance of Our Thoughts

Terms such as self, human, or being are actually irrelevant. They ultimately mean nothing. These are only definitions and labels that our creative mind fabricates to categorize what we insist on interpreting. This is part of the evolutionary course of our mental development. We live from the mind. And, this is what we do. This does not mean that it is good, bad, right, or wrong. I am spelling this out with the hope of awakening an awareness in you that is beyond the mind. Acknowledge that there is an insignificance within your mind activities. This does not necessarily mean that we should not do what we do. We are human beings; what we do is part of existing as this person now.


Nevertheless, have you ever heard the statement: Being in the world but not of it? The Bible and many other writings dating back thousands of years share this wise insight. This is basically saying that we are now human beings in this world. It is okay to accept this form, but we do not need to be only this form with all its behaviors and tendencies. It is possible, through the level of our species’ consciousness, to witness the mind development (dilemma) that we impose onto the true conscious self.

The Insignificance of Living in Your Head

We have the capacity to decide, to choose how we observe life and living. Will conditioned mind behavior manipulate us?  Or are we ready to acknowledge and accept the grandeur of our existence? We are a life-form that is manifesting life. Our person, in itself, is only an object. Nevertheless, our true self is so much more. Furthermore, what manifests in our existence depends on our relationship with the mind and how we see ourselves.

This may sound confusing. On the other hand, it may perhaps sound good on paper but impossible to practice. But, this apparent confusion is only a mental trick that confines us to the rigid structures of our mental and emotional concoctions. I wish to suggest that we are destroying ourselves. We tightly grasp unto thoughts without realizing their insignificance to living here and now.  We think we are what the mind tells us. And, many people don’t like what the mind tells them. Yet, the majority of people still listen to the mind telling them what they don’t what to hear. Thus, we remain confused. Dissatisfaction and suffering accompany us each day because of our lack of true awareness and active presence. This is the situation of many, many people. The details of our mental illusions restrict and manipulate us. We have forgotten the blissful pleasure of simply being.

I wish you joy and good health each day.


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