Live Aware Within the Frequency of Life

Many people may believe that consciousness is not possible without the mind. What do you think about this idea? (Yes, that was a trick question.) It would be more accurate to ask: What does the mind think of this idea? The brain is a biological organ. This is, in many ways, an entity in itself. Then there is consciousness. Consciousness at some level has perhaps always had a frequency of presence about it. Consciousness is a source of perpetual possibilities for any life-form that has become aware of it. Therefore, let’s focus on consciousness. Why we always associate object consciousness with the mind is not important for our discussion.


The significance lies in the knowledge that there is the brain and there is also consciousness. The mind exists and consciousness equally exists, whether in a more self-consciously developed life-form or not. Both the mind and consciousness are there even without one knowing about the other. The two are, however, intertwined. This is true whether a life-form is aware of consciousness or not. Although a butterfly is not actually mentally aware of consciousness, it swims in a frequency of energy within a field of object and universal consciousness. This holds true for everything, doesn’t it? We can conclude that although the two appear to be separate as two entities, they are actually one.

A Universal Frequency Flows Because of You

The world is in us. We are not in this world. We are this whole world, the universe, and consciously speaking, life itself. You are a person in the spirit, not a spirit in a person. A person is definitely not just a human being. Thinking and believing that we are only human manipulates object consciousness and restricts acceptance of universal consciousness.

This results in us usually only believing the things relevant to this human existence. We as a unit or species then share these assumptions and beliefs. Thus, this energy projects outward among all universal objects and into the fabric of life energy. The energy that we release is absorbed by life energy and becomes part of universal consciousness. Life reflectively manifests what we have injected into it, and it does this in various ways. This universal intelligence accommodates our thoughts and desires usually according to the energy that we have offered it. Often this is in the form of countless misinterpretations about life because we are not truly living consciously. That which we give out is that which we will receive.

Why does life manifest the universe in this way? It is because we are the universe. Whatever you think, feel, or do becomes part of a manifestation process.  The output of this energy occurs regardless if an object is unconscious or conscious. Unconscious energy manipulates and inhibits, while conscious energy nurtures clarity, harmony, and balance.

Wishing you a nice day!



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