Isness of Life Is to Live and Be Here Now

Here is an example that we can use to illustrate the benefits of staying in the isness of now. Presence manifests without any reference to the mind storybook or our existence. The following insight relates to the recent article Storybook Experiences of the Mind.


The isness of the moment is similar to receiving an empty box. You are truly aware that the carton is empty when you are consciously awake. You see the box for what it is in that moment. Whereas the unconscious person will likely say, what do I want with an empty box? Or will say, this box is nothing but garbage. There is usually expectations, frustrations or joy associated with receiving the box.

However, the awakened person will likely experience heightened creativity. There is more conscious space, and even more awareness to the isness of the moment. The empty box offers a doorway to the universe. Many of us have experienced this as children. A child, when given an empty box, often will concentrate solely on what is there. Still, the child does not see just an empty box. Rather, children become the isness of now. What does this mean? This means that they are consciously aware of the moment. Therefore, each experience heightens their awareness. Thus, spontaneous and ongoing creativity occurs. 

The Creative Isness of Now

“The miracle is in realizing that to simple ‘be’ requires no word, definition, or reason. You are not the mind (thoughts and feelings), body (symptoms, defects, illness). However, you are the observer of all and have realized that everything is not influencing you. Rather, you are influencing everything that manifests.”

Thus, the empty box becomes a sport car, fire truck or a spaceship. There is no limit to what a person can imagine and create when the box is empty. Metaphorically, this illustrates non-attachment to the mind. Therefore, the universal self is free and absorbed in the moment. Moreover, a person willingly enters the universal portal and connects with the one self. But, presence requires our active and aware participation. It is a transformation. It unfolds as we shift from the mind to conscious living. Life, in its purity, is a much better experience without definitions, assumptions, and interpretations. 

“Life is an opened box. You are the observer of this dimension and its content. Thus, you either see that life is a gift or it is garbage.”


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