Essence of Love within You

What is the essence of Love? This presents a difficult problem for the human mind. It repeatedly asks this question and many others. What is consciousness, what is life and what am I? These are a few examples. Additionally, love compels many people to acts of bravery in which a person will risk everything for love. Nevertheless, we don’t truly know what it is. We may never mentally “know” what it is; but we can experience it…we can even unite with it. Isn’t this what is occurring in the dimension of aware consciousness?


Love is an active vibration in life. Furthermore, it is perhaps the essence of consciousness. Who can say for sure? However, it is there. However, we can sense love in the same manner as we have always sensed that there is “something” that we have chosen to call consciousness.

A feeling of unconditional love recently inspired me. It was very intense. The real beauty was in the state of awareness as I experienced it. However, the sensation of love did not originate from the thoughts of a beautiful flower, a lovely face or any other form that we associate with feelings associated with love. The experience was something beyond the details and definitions of the mind.

Unconditional Essence of Love

“It” was simply there in that moment. Moreover, it reminded me of the experiences that I have in a state of unified consciousness. This union that I speak of is between form and universal consciousness. What initiated this love sensation was a random impulse relating to someone. It was fascinating because I could feel the one self. I didn’t experience the person I am; rather I witnessed everything. This is a difficult experience to describe in words.

I have often considered the origin of love. There have been many ups and downs in my experiences with human love. This moment of reflection gave me insightful knowledge of unconditional love. I sudden knew that it is never about finding love through a beautiful flower, a lovely face or even a kind word or action. It is rather about sensing and experiencing the love / consciousness in everything. We might say that it is beneficial to “be” love or “be” consciousness. The objects; a flower or beauty face may be a portal to enter this dimension of love but these things can never be “love”. This experience was very profound for me. I had looked beyond everything associated with love; thus, found its essence. I wish to express the experience above as follows.

Within a single eternal moment, I looked beyond all things created by the mind. It was as if I saw the oneness; as if I experienced everything. It is as if I am love; I am consciousness. This is also your essence. You are love and you flourish in everything.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

P.S. Spoiler alert! This is a rough draft excerpt from my upcoming book about love. 😊


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