I Can’t Go on Living a Lie! How About You?

We often believe that everyone and everything wants something from us. The mind feeds us thoughts that cause us worry, uncertainty, and fear. Likewise, we become frantic with ego-infested thoughts of always needing or wanting something. Also, the mind insists everything it tells us is right. Wow! That is a lot to deal with each moment. But, is it possible that we are living a lie? Furthermore, what happened to free-will?


Are we pursuing a lie based on conditioned behavior? Yes, most likely.  But, strange enough, we identify with this lie. It is a lie based on conformity. Both personal and collective. This untruth starts at a very young age.  So, what transpired when we were young? Young children usually experience living without conditioned boundaries. Does the world demand so much that we forget about consciousness? Yes. This would be appropriate to say. Thus, we conform to the mind, people, and situational demands. Hence, conditioned behavior overshadows conscious being. This teaches us to always pursue a mind-made lie.  We are self-conscious of the world around us. However, self-consciousness evolves from object-oriented consciousness.

For the most part, object self-consciousness is only from the perspective of our human form.  The world seems to be full of demands. And, we start chasing these demands at a very early age. Alas, each day seems to only bring more and more demands. These wants and demands clutter and pollute the space of universal consciousness. This manipulates and even restricts our experience of this space. The mind and this conditioned behavior misguide us. Thus, we mostly live a lie.

Living Freely Beyond the Mind-made Lie

Okay, let’s reflect on free-will.  Do you remember the peace and abundance felt when you were young? Universal life energy flowed through us then. Just as it does now. But, we lost our way. It costs us dearly to pursue being human. Our evolution is like a snowball rolling down a steep mountain. Just like a snowball that collects snow as it rolls. We gain a little and eventually lose so much with each turning of the ball. The apparent gain is strictly mind-made and materialistic. The loss is our awareness of and connection with universal intelligence and the oneness experienced in living life.

So, the reference to free-will regards being able to make a conscious choice in every moment. And, we occasionally sense freedom beyond the mind.  But our conscious awareness still has self-imposed limitations. Therefore, the mind quickly reclaims domination over us. Thus, free-will is always there, but so often, it is impossible to experience.  I feel strongly that many of our personal choices are not truly choices of free will.  There is usually an underlying influence or conditioning that determines why we choose or don’t choose something.

These underlying forces also inhibit us from remaining consciously active. What is the simplest step to freely choosing how to live? Just let go of all the worldly conditioned wants and domains. Or, in other words, not choosing is usually the best choice. This is, of course, easier said than done. So, this is our daily practice. Just let go in any situation or thought and see what unfolds. The sudden lack of wanting and needing may surprise you. Just be and experience being.


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