Head on Straight and True

My uncle often told me to get my head on straight as a young teenager. Sometimes he said this with a strict voice. And, from time to time he told me this to make me laugh. I have grown with a deep appreciation for the wisdom found within this statement. Likewise, I recall pondering on the depth of this insight during my young adulthood. This idiom suggests for us to calmly observe our behavior in any given situation. Furthermore, live and act from a state of clarity.


Nevertheless, people experience much of life in a dysfunctional state of being. This is to say that a person’s head is not on straight (😊). The majority of people still use this moment as nothing more than a means to and end. The mind usually interlaces now with phantom thoughts and emotions of what will come or what has been. This tendency might very well be the major cause of our unconscious, thus abnormal behavior.

Yes, I use abnormal behavior as a synonym for our unaware (unconscious) state of being. Perhaps, the time has come for us to openly and clearly observe our state of affairs. We claim to be logical, intelligent and compassionate. However, our behavior indicates the exact opposite. Conscious presence is a necessity in our evolution. We have spent thousands of years in a type of darkness that continues due to mind obsessions.

So, How Do You Get Your Head on Straight?

I had written in one of my books that awakening to conscious presence is easier than we think. This suggests that the focus of our presence should not be on thoughts or emotions. These are traits of living that are basically side-effects of our existence. And, existence, a.k.a. existing, is not really living. Existing strictly from the mind is a path of ups and downs, misinterpretations, confusion and fear. This is because your state of being becomes conditional. Why? Because the mind insists that thoughts and emotions about life are a true representation of living.

And, nothing could be further from the truth. A key to living within presence suggests not allowing thoughts and emotions to overwhelm you.


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