Are You Deeply Aware of Presence?

Everything is a universal presence. This suggests that universal consciousness is vibrating energy. Additionally, this energy becomes aware of itself through the consciousness of objects in the universe. (These objects are all things such as people, animals, plants, rocks, and planets.


It is possible for every person to move beyond thoughts and feelings. This allows a person to experience life and living as it is in each moment. The mind always tells us stories that are mostly not true. Mind conditioning is the result of evolution. Consequently, the mind reactions to our experiences. Meditation is a useful practice to move beyond the mind and simply live life. Still it is enough to just be aware of living and to know that you are aware of this moment.

Aware Presence Is A State of Being

It is possible for a person to observe his or her relationship with the mind. And, this is beneficial to conscious awakening. Because then a person will realize that he or she is not the mind. The essence of any person is something universal. On the other hand, the mind tells us things about ourselves, other people, and other things. But, these are only assumptions, thoughts, and feelings based on something other than this moment.

The universe seems to be bursting with many objects. However, the essence of everything is one vibrating presence in this moment. Everything is a part of everything. Still, the mind tells you that you are alone. Thus, this conditions you to think and believe that you are lonely. But the mind is playing a game with you. The mind plays a game with anyone that is not consciously awake and aware.

However, you are not alone. Yes, sometimes it seems that you are alone. But, this is only at the level of your human experiences. Nevertheless, remember that it is the mind telling you that you are alone. And, you are not your mind. Instead, you are presence. And, you will either become more or less aware of being.  Hence, how you live depends on how you live. Sound confusing? It will become clearer as you focus more and more on your inner universe.

“We all know beyond any doubt what “being” is; we experience it in every second, in every moment. It may be much more significant to expel the useless mind-derived structures and behavior patterns of our form existence. A state of presence will then naturally blossom in its totality.”


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