What Will the Creator Create Today?

A creator is someone who brings something into being. You are the creator of love. Moreover, how you experience the totality of life and how it unfolds is your responsibility. This is ultimately true for everything and how any given object or experience will manifest. Silence, awareness, and consciousness offer endless possibilities that can flow from the dimension of life energy. However, love and life remain a mystery and poets, storytellers, and dreamers will continue to ask the question. What is this wonderful and often bewildering experience?


Firstly, one significant realization is to acknowledge that you exist in love, and life engulfs your being. Therefore, walk each moment hand in hand with life and do not stray from this path. Thus, each step along the way reveals conscious enlightenment. And, both love and life itself are only as true or as real as you choose.

Acknowledge that you are the creation that creates the creator, which in turn creates the creation.

Therefore, are you now ready to truly love yourself and experience genuine love for everyone and everything in the universe? Are you ready to live a life that offers harmony and bliss on a regular basis? Well, guess what? You have always had this ability interwoven into the essence of your being. It is enough to exist and realize what it truly means to live. This may sound like an invitation for the mind to offer you thoughts about what it means to live. However, living on a one-to-one basis with life does not require actually thinking. This becomes obvious when you love or live unconditionally.

But, the mind confuses us. Thus, we have lost touch with the fundamental nature of our being. Therefore, we usually don’t express love or life from its true essence. This precious gift of life has fallen victim to the misgivings of our evolutionary development. And, our species’ relentless fixations contaminate love, again and again. Feelings and thoughts distract and manipulate our life experience. Yes, loving and living capture our creativity and imagination. Thus, love often inspires people to heroic deeds. Historically, on the other hand, people fought wars in the name of love.

We live and die with the hope of finding love and blissfully living life. And, the assumption is that we are very knowledgeable of loving and living.  But, how can we freely love and live when thoughts and feelings possess our conscious state of being? Concepts and feelings associated with love and life go unchecked and this passion consumes us. But, there is another way. The answer lies within you.


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