Run and try to Hide

The evolution of mind and body has been a long path. Likewise, there are many behavior patterns that were necessary for our survival. However, this state of existence has resulted from our conditioned reactions. Nevertheless, prehistoric humankind would run and hide to survive.


Nevertheless, this has consequently hampered conscious evolution. Moreover, conditioned behavior causes us to run at the slightest indication of physical danger. Furthermore, our mental well-being is based on conditioned factors. This includes our conscious state of presence. However, our instinct told us to run and hide. This was the only option during the earlier development of our existence.

We may suggest that this was a normal reaction and contributed to our survival. However, the dangers of primitive humans are no longer prevalent today. Nevertheless, the mind cannot differentiate between then and now. It automatically tries to avoid situations that cause discomfort or pain.

Run Away but Why?

We want to hide. The irony is that we cannot run from our own psychosomatic behavior. The mind will tell us that we can. It does this mockingly by filling us with thoughts and emotions that support it. Therefore, the mind continues to insist you chase your own tail. Hence, you run and run in circles wasting energy but ultimately accomplishing anything.

Let’s refer to this phenomenon as a mind-constructed dimension. This realm is only temporary and only as real as you are willing to think or believe. This is strictly a mind-construed fictional reality. Therefore, it is impossible to run away from it. You cannot run away from yourself. Furthermore, it is not possible for a person to hide from him or herself. Any attempt to do this will result directly and solely from a conditioned mind.

Don’t Run: Instead Create

I recently spoke with someone who is experiencing difficulty in accepting daily situations. The mind is unwilling to accept. Therefore, she repeats the same scenarios each day. However, she (mind) insists that the answer to these difficulties is to run away. She attempts this, both mentally and physically, each day. Nevertheless, it is ultimately impossible for her to run from herself. This self is the existential self. It is a creation of the mind. Hence, it dominates our inner and outer universe.

Mind activity and, more so, our focus on it will continue until we become aware of this conditioned behavior. Therefore, a change cannot occur until we are ready to take responsibility for our state of being. Likewise, this will have a direct manifestation on our inner and outer universe. Ultimately, there is no separation between the two. However, we are creating this universe now. Therefore, now and only now is when we must take accountability for our creation.

The next step in human evolution is not inevitable, but for the first time in the history of the planet, it can be a conscious choice. Who is making that choice? You are. And who are you? Consciousness that has become conscious of itself. Eckhart Tolle

Best wishes

The lack of mind-imposed demands, restrictions and conditioning will allow you to simply be who you are in each moment.



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