Confusion Abounds When the Mind Is Astray

The mind constantly inflects confusion, anxiety, and fear upon us. Why? You might ask. And, the mind insists, why not? This behavior is due to a limbo state of living life. It is quite easy for the mind to overwhelm us when we are unaware. Can we consciously move beyond the mind? Yes, with practice. This means not allowing any mind-generated restrictions and manipulations to interrupt the flow of universal energy. What can we practice to nurture the flow of this energy? Focus on living here and now. Acknowledge the spaciousness between thoughts, emotions and situations. Universal energy flows. So, practice living for the ride and not the destination.


Our fear and confusion occur primarily from non-acceptance. We don’t want to accept this moment. And, this nonacceptance causes us to live life in a constant state of dissatisfaction. At least, this is what the mind tells us. Nevertheless, everyone experiences conscious awareness at some level. And, many times, our focus is on aware presence. But, then the mind intervenes. The mind tells us that thoughts of yesterday or tomorrow are more important than now.

These interpretations are part of an active conceptual field of reasoning. The mind distractions. Thus, we assume that conscious awareness is something unreachable. Nonetheless, conscious awareness is not something to reach or obtain because it is. Therefore, it is the simple aware acknowledgment of being. Being is just that. It is. And, assumptions or labels of any mind-generated manner does not change the act of being. Therefore, being is not conditional. Only the mind attempts to conditionalize everything.  The mind thrives on reasoning, followed by assumptions that often result in misinterpretations.

There Is Life Beyond the Confusion

You may ask yourself if the insight above really has anything to do with living life. The answer is obvious. Yes, your state of being, either unconscious or conscious, determines how you live. And, without an acceptance of life’s beingness/isness, you remain in a state of confusion and misgivings.

There is life. And, living life is neither good or bad. Universal energy knows no right or wrong. Furthermore, the flow of this energy is neither loving nor loveless.  Very well, this seems plausible. But, again what does this indicate about how you live life? You are a manifestation of life. Your presence, let’s say, act of being, influences the flow of universal energy through frequencies, including the frequency of life.

Therefore, you, I and every individual are either causing turbulence or are smoothly flowing and nurturing universal energy. Let’s consider the emotion Love. Love has the potential to bond with life through interwoven frequencies. Here, as mentioned above, this frequency either flows unconsciously or consciously with universal energy. Love is not a frequency of choice. Love is love. Life is life. There is no phenomenon that dictates either as a choice. Rather, biologically and consciously speaking, evolution gives us the potential to bond with all universal objects. How is this possible? Simply through the act of being. Therefore, focus on the beingness of your person as flowing universal energy that is becoming conscious of itself.


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