Think About Thoughts! Why should I?

I don’t want to think about it. You are probably familiar with this statement. However, saying or thinking these words will not stop the mind from thinking. Thoughts constantly bombard any given moment. Thus, thoughts pull an unaware person into a thinking process loop. And, the brain continues to think, regardless of what you do or want. Therefore, let’s use the sentence at the beginning of this paragraph as a gateway to conscious awakening.


Thoughts come and go. Consequently, you must not attach yourself to any thought or emotion. Consciously observe your relationship with the mind and thought repetitions. Otherwise, you will think that you are a thought. Awaken to the presence of being. Thus, you remain in a place that is beyond thoughts. Beingness becomes the focus of your observation. The portal to active conscious awareness opens more easily for you when thoughts become insignificant. Instead, you bask in a light of enlightenment that results from your non-attachment to the details of living. Mind conditioning and repetitious behavior patterns fade away as the conscious observer awakens more often in daily situations.

The Mind Tells You to Think About a Thought

Thoughts are strictly mind-made. Thoughts and mind activity have several practical purposes in our existence. Nonetheless, mind created details become manipulative, restrictive and counterproductive to conscious awareness. Why? This is because you interpret yourself as being something that you are not. And, this unaware and very confusing state of being contaminates the essence of living.

Neurons signal other neurons, similar to a computer circuity, into the formation of a thought. Your focus or lack of focus determines the pattern or outcome of a particular thought. Accordingly, focus on living and being instead of holding onto your unaware obsession to thoughts. Furthermore, the act of unconditional presence does not suggest manipulating or stopping thoughts. But, you stop listening to the mind and the demanding voice that says you are your thoughts. Then, the conscious observer shifts from being passive and obedient and becomes awakened and active.



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