Deceit and the Mask We Wear

You, I and all others have a vast array of masks. We wear masks according to the mind’s interpretation of any given experience. Are we afraid to show ourselves to others? Definitely! And, the majority of people are also unable or unwilling to accept themselves. Furthermore, mind conditioning thrives on this evolution tendency. Moreover, the mind gives us countless reasons to explain the phenomenon of mask wearing. So, we deceit ourselves by listening to the mind and its lies. We can call this behavior many things. However, living solely in accordance with mind interpretations is a lie, plain and simple.


Nevertheless, the mask of deceit worn by most people is complex and is not intentionally worn. It is astonishing to observe the masquerade played out by everyone, including myself. Why do we need masks? It is fear that prevents us from simply accepting ourselves? Is it shame? Or lack of self-esteem? There is no easy answer. This is because the masks we wear are due to a combination of all experiences. Nevertheless, it is possible to take off your mask(s). The first step in this process is to consciously accept that you are not the image in the mirror. This acknowledgement is usually enough to widen your conscious perspective. Thus, the mirror image is actually a non-reality.

Dare to look beyond the mind
A deeper and truer beingness is always beyond the images of the mind.

A Mind Game Called Deceit

The mind fog of thoughts become thinner as the process of self-discovery and acceptance become focus points. Correspondingly, these focus points reveal themselves as true realness beyond the mind’s masks of deceit. The true baseline of your being is beyond mind illusion images. And, deep within the inner universe you know that the true self is not this person staring in the mirror. Now image our life experience if everyone would stop hiding behind the disguises made by mind interpretations. Life would spontaneously be the paradise we seek.

Please do not confuse my use of the word paradise with its contemporary definition. My reference is to a state of beingness that is on a one to one basis with everything. Hence, factors contributing to patterns of deceit such as anxiety, fear, shame, wants and demands would fade away.

The universe would shine with new rays of vibrating conscious energy. This is one possible next step in our conscious evolution. What will you choose? You, this is to say, your state of being does make a difference in each moment.

Wishing you a joyful day


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