Accident on the Path of Life

A recent accident caused bodily discomfort for me due to a concussion and inflamed rotator cuff in the shoulder. This might seem bad. But, please recall that the mind loves to label everything. And, the mind thrives on experiences that it can label as bad.

Instead, let’s not consider the accident as anything. Neither good or bad. Yes, there are factors to consider from a bodily standpoint. But, discussing or even treating the bodily discomforts does not require labeling the experience.


The practice of non-attachment and non-dependency are beneficial. I wish to again emphasize the usefulness of this practice in all daily situation. Non-attachment and non-dependency are corner stones in the foundation of your/our conscious awakening experience. Please, reach out to me if there is any confusion about the practice and usefulness of non-attachment. Let’s share ideas and insight.

Does an Accident Define Your State of Being?

The short answer is no, only you decide how to observe your life experience. The latest accident offered me helpful insight in the practice of non-attachment. Hopefully, sharing this experience will also give you beneficial stepping stones on your journey. It was astonishing for me to experience the clarity of conscious awareness relating to this mishap.

You get what you want. Therefore, be aware of how you get it. This insight illustrates how anything manifests in your experiences. There is a flow of universal energy that holds many frequencies, such as life energy. And, you are influencing this flow in each moment. Is this perception accurate? Let’s consider what happened to me. The injuries caused me bodily trauma that prevented me from attending a social gathering the following day.

And, this is why it is an excellent example of the law of attraction without any labels. I had pondered, days before the accident, on how to avoid going to this social gathering. Thus, in other words, my bodily injuries resulted from my wish to avoid attending this social event. And, no. This is not just a coincident because chance and luck are tools of the mind. This so-called misfortune resulted from my desire to avoid doing something. Therefore, I got what I wanted. However, I didn’t get my wish in a way that the mind might hope. Therefore, conscious awareness during any situation is beneficial.

Allow yourself an opportunity to reflect on my experience. Possibly, you will determine that similar situations happen to you during daily activities. You influence the manifestation of your experiences. Therefore, it is wise and beneficial to consciously observe your life experience.

I wish you joy, prosperity and good health throughout the new year.


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