Dream and Share It Together as One

This is a poem to hold within your heart, to cherish, and share. It is the experience of life. It is a dream that is real. You will remember when you let go and live beyond the mind. It will become clear when we meet there as one.



Childhood seems so far away.
The years, it would seem, have been many.
But the dream remains, tattered but never swayed.
A scene composed of orchards, fields of green, lakes and rivers. 

There were waterfalls everywhere.
These nurtured by streams.
The woodland carpeted thick in green and brown.
There were patches of moss, which were always so soft.
It was a place so far away.
There were deep valleys stretching on and on.
The valleys carved through the meandering hills.
These valleys, hills, fields, and streams not measured by time or even in beauty.
Everything there was a rhythm of one; simplicity was to be found…completely.
My dream filled with the memories of all that was.
And indeed, there was so much.

I experience the changing of the seasons, one by one to this day.
The spring melted the snow, followed by a breath of life to the land.
The summer was always so long, the days somehow serene.
The autumn danced and twirled, showing off in its colors.
The mountains and valleys appeared to know. Yes, suddenly…
The winter was there.

The fall of the first snow brought stillness to the air.
The silence was overwhelming; it seems so near.
Delightful are these memories of a place long ago.
A single memory of this is enough to mesmerize.

I often had thought that these memories were enough.
There is a wish to be happy, perhaps to be free.
This place from far ago and long away has always been a haven.
This is where I go to remember who I am.
The child in you perhaps wishes to do the same.

Come Dream with Me

Then came the day when I found you.
You were a breath of springtime.
And suddenly I knew…

I felt the warmth of a summer breeze.
The snow melted away, winter hibernation now long gone.
Life and love now bloom.
Blossoming like the flower in May.

My dream and my days filled with something anew.
I revisit this dream from long ago.
This is so true.
I do this each moment with you.

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