Labeling Love Causes Us to Forget Loving

We started to define our experiences after reaching a given level of self-consciousness. Labeling life and love became a necessity based solely on unconscious conditioned behavior. Love, among other characteristics, became an obsession. It captured our desires and fantasies. Most likely we then became confused, anxious, and fearful of it. However, stubbornly we continually interpret it, define it, and then at some point redefine it. This clearly indicates that the detail content of love overwhelms us. Thus, we have difficulty in doing the obvious. To love unconditionally and to receive love unconditionally.


This is in reference to the mind’s relentless insistence on complicating life and love. Both are simplistic in their essence. However, we insist on labeling both with countless interpretations. We build intricate assumptions and belief structures to validate our existence. Nevertheless, our deep desire is to openly love and care and to receive love and care. But often doubt and fear overwhelm us. So we depend on the mind to tell us about life and love. Do we wish to continue this mind servitude? Or are we willing to let go and live and love in harmony with ourselves, others, and the universe?

Would like to read your ideas on this, please share your insight. x

Labeling Love Manipulates and Restricts the Pure Experience of Unconditional Love

There is one love, one consciousness and one state of being. The blossoming of conscious awareness will eventually reveal that you have always existed in this state of life conscious energy. You radiate life and love. This is your home.

Around and around it goes; where and when it stops only you will know. The mysteries of life and love are beyond the mind. Therefore, acknowledge and experience these mysteries unconditionally and confidently without limitations. It is enough to experience the manifestation of both. The release from all self-inflected structures is necessary. This is possible when our field of awareness has shifted away from conceptual content detail influences. The mind has imposed these into our existence. It is possible to regain a state of life/love awareness through the process of conscious awakening. This will permit an acceptance of our existence in relation to love, life, and consciousness. Then we can exist in a state of long-term balance and unity with ourselves, others, and life.


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