Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

This childhood rhyme is a paraphrase from the 1800 century poem The Liar by William Blake. Lying, as with any experience, releases energy into a universal flowing and vibrating stream. Therefore, to illustrate, lie about something and experience the energy vibration that results from this lie. This is our conversation for today. Only a habitual liar would deny that lying doesn’t cause disharmony in the flow of our mental and bodily output. The realization of the universal energy we share is a fundamental stepping stone in conscious awakening. However, the majority of people still lie to themselves about life, more accurately about how to live life. Thus, people deny themselves the spacious presence within a universal energy flow because of this lie.


What is the lie that people tell themselves? The assumption is that we are an anomaly that is not part of a universal energy flow. This illusion of separation is the lie we tell ourselves and quite literally the universe. On the other hand, and oddly enough, we sense the influence of life within the dimension of our beingness. And yet, we still choose to deny being a part of life. This restricts our potential to influence this vibrational flow and the manifestation of our beingness.

Remain a Liar or Live the Truth of Your Beingness

The recognition of this restrictive human behavior is essential to the development of conscious awareness. Furthermore, and obviously, life is a vibration of energy that responses to your interactions. Life flows as you flow. Therefore, any and all energy from your person directly influences the manifestation of universal energy.

You have a choice in every situation. And, the details within any moment don’t have the power to influence you. That is to say, unless you remain unaware. Thus, you unknowingly choose to let mind and body dominate your life experience. Do you assume that your choices are your own? If yes, look again. This time consciously observe your interaction with life. Now, ask yourself once more. Who is really choosing how I live life? Is the chooser the conscious beingness within myself? Or, does the mind still dominate and choose how I live? We can substitute the rhyme Liar, Liar Pants on Fire to illustrate the minds denial of conscious awareness. The rhyme lie, lie and you will never fly free accurately describes your life in the shadow of mind dominance. Conscious enlightenment suggests behavior recognition, non-attachment to the mind and free choice. This is our daily practice.

I wish you a joyful and healthy day.


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