Acceptance Is the Way to Harmony and Balance

Acceptance is difficult for most people. Furthermore, it seems we receive or achieve something that we had wanted and then we don’t want it anymore. Mind madness is perhaps the best way to describe our actions. This is the mind and the complex behavior that is mostly a result of conditioning. This conditioning keeps us from allowing life energy, in whatever form, to manifest. Oh, everything will unfold. It happens. But, we express resistance to countless thoughts and things each day. But, life manifestation has nothing to do with personal or collective gain or loss. It is about harmony and balance in our being.


Moreover, you have the potential to rise above the cloud of mind confusions and illusions. There is a space of uncontaminated, fundamental energy always available. The mind is a marvelous human attribute and basically only needs a reset. This is because it has become entangled in its own web of thoughts, feelings and ego. Acceptance is an acquired state of being. Still, allowing and letting go will change everything. It will be incredible to observe that the only thing that really changes is how you observe yourself.

“Acceptance of the unacceptable is the greatest source of grace in this world.”
– Eckhart Tolle

You can give it this reset and furthermore you can establish a refreshing and harmonious relationship with the mind. This begins after the initial awakening to consciousness. A reset is necessary to set the process of living consciously into motion. It is all here and now and it will always be available through a state of presence.

We have made a mind reset. Now what? Well, now is the portal. But, please do not focus on the now as an answer to everything. It is only a signpost back home. I could write page after page of personal experiences relating to letting go. Not to suggest that I know more, or have done more than you. Rather, I wish to assure you that your willingness to accept offers balance and harmony. These experiences have assured me that accepting without mind interference is The Way. This is or will perhaps soon also become very obvious to you. You, the mystery that is beyond the mind, will recognize the true essence of your being. The acknowledgement of true self and acceptance of living reveals this to you. I wish you a joyful and safe day and all those to come.


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