Self-dissatisfaction Is Only About You

Everyone is familiar with how dissatisfaction feels. But, what causes this dissatisfaction? Self-dissatisfaction causes annoying behavior such as frustration, sadness and anxiety. Is there actually a difference between one type of dissatisfaction or the other? Perhaps, the mind attempts to exactly label and define these behavior characteristics. Nevertheless, there is ultimately no differentiation.


Let’s view self-dissatisfaction has a core imbalance within you. This dissatisfaction smothers like hot underground lava building up pressure before an eruption. This is the outcome of any discontentment that might surface during thoughts, emotions and experiences. Each person, and not external influences, are either the cause or cure for any annoyance. You probably don’t want to consider this as a possible truth. Nevertheless, it all comes down to you and your observation of living life.

A fire of self-dissatisfaction consumes an unaware person. This dilemma is due to a lack of conscious awareness to the universality of being.  Forget religion, beliefs, science and superstitions. There is nothing religious, magical, mystical or scientific about being and the oneness of life. Yes, the mind conjures thousands of possibilities in an attempt to explain your existence and living. Nonetheless, why do you insist on defining or clarifying the act of being? Isn’t it enough to simply be alive?

Self-Dissatisfaction Is Always Self-Made

It is unnecessary to question the life that we manifest and share. We can use an everyday situation to illustrate. You receive a present for your birthday. Have you ever felt the need to ask someone why they have given you a gift on this day? No, of course not, your birthday is a day to rejoice and to express gratitude. Therefore, why can’t you express gratitude and joy each day? After all, you are born again and again each moment.

Consequently, life vibrates in response to your interaction. As, I mention above, living life is the totality of how you live life. Does this sound silly, even absurd? Consider this deeply and reflectively before you answer. You can accept the responsibility of manifesting energy in the flow of life. Or, you can allow the mind to manipulate your sense of being. Either way, you are influencing everything through the energy you manifest. Self-dissatisfaction emerges through unawareness of presence. Likewise, it is accurate to say that dissatisfaction occurs when you lose touch with your true inner self.

There is no one that can walk the path of life for you.  People and all aspects of your existence will accompany you. But, it is you that must take each step. It is a journey of self-discovery. There is a boundless universe within you that requires no clarification or name. The blossoming of conscious awareness will eventually reveal the true depth of your beingness.

I wish you a joyful day


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