Autonomy as a Stepping Stone in Life

Typically, we dissect our experiences in attempts to categorize something as good, bad, right or wrong. However, let’s stretch our horizon to engulf the unconditional totality of living. Yes, a million and more years of evolution overshadow any given experience. And, our species interaction with life is mostly a redundant series of mind-induced behavior repetitions. Nevertheless, we have the potential to experience life in a conscious state of autonomy. This word recently fascinated me. The word itself in reference to psychology is useful as a further stepping stone on our inner journey of self-discovery.


Autonomous derives from the Greek word autonomos where auto means self and nomos means to govern (Wikipedia). Therefore, let’s use the word autonomy as a portal to a life of active, conscious presence. How do most people behave in reaction to daily activities, especially in difficult or stressful situations? Everyone wants to go off the grid and live on an island. Likewise, what is the predominant dream of people around the world? Everybody wishes for prosperity and freedom to live according to their desire. But, this desire is usually in accordance with a given societies image of success and happiness. However, there is a deep-rooted flaw within such attempts to find peace and salvation. What is this painted image of illusion that makes us dependent on the mind in the hope of finding happiness?

Autonomy on the Path of Life

The majority of people relinquish their inborn and enlightened self-sufficiency that offers a state of conscious awareness. Instead, everyone reaches out through attainability methods and concepts using quid pro quo with the mind as a basis. The eventual outcome of this behavior implies that a person will reach self-actualization. This suggest that someone will realize his or her fullest potential through concepts that are a means to an end. Nevertheless, inner self-discovery is not obtainable as long as there is attachment and expectancy.  Therefore, experience everything in a state of non-expectancy and non-attachment. This is, with practice, easier than you think. The beauty of living will sudden become clear. Excessive thinking and more so attachment to thoughts dominate our daily activities. But why? How you observe live and living is a choice. Remember. You are not your thoughts. The least amount of attachment to mind resistance allows maximum conscious awareness.

What is the truest form of purity and blissfulness? This is the acknowledgement of what is and the willingness to allow what is, regardless of the form that manifests. Thus, we experience clarity in any and all experiences. Mind details won’t distract us. And, there is no attachment or dependency placed on thoughts or feelings. 


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