Existence Attributes Distort the Flow of Life

Are human attributes such as love and forgiveness active integrates in universal life consciousness?  Of course, this is not an easy question to answer. And, most likely, we can’t actually answer it. This question suggests that love is universal because we and other life-forms experience it. But, is love truly a component of life?  Here again it is not possible to definitely answer such a question. Eckhart Tolle, in The Power of Now, has said that love is a state of being. This statement feels good to say, but it does not really offer pure enlightenment. Nevertheless, let’s use this statement as a reference point for our discussion.


Firstly, thoughts and emotions have the potential to become our state of being. That is to say, if we allow the mind to dominate. Therefore, the level of active awareness to a given state of being determines how you will live. The form this moment takes is merely a detail when a person observes it consciously. We could make it easy by saying that life will be as we choose it to be. This may at first sound farfetched. But, let’s consider it for a moment.

Don’t Focus on Your Human Attributes

Isn’t our observation of life and our participation in living life the deciding factors?  A person should not focus on the what, how or why of any experience. I realize this sounds very difficult because everything distracts you. But, the actuality of each moment depends solely on how you choose to experience it. And ultimately, this is not actually a choice. Nonetheless, a person regards this as a choice until a person lives predominately in a state of conscious being.  Please grasp the significance of this statement. You decide if you will live in a state of presence and enlightenment. Likewise, it is accurate to suggest that love and forgiveness hold uniqueness in our existence. However, love, forgiveness and all human attributes are mere superficialities.

Beyond these superficialities, and all attributes of our human experience, is the totality and purity of life. Thus, ask yourself.  Do I experience living from a state of being that is congested by mind details? Or, do I go beyond mind limitations and observe life and love universally?

People tend to be forgiving. And, we often call this behavior an act of love.  Thus, forgiveness is a behavioral virtue. Compassion releases a person from the chains of fear and resentment. This simple act can provide space within our experiences. Likewise, this dimension nurtures self-consciousness. This, in turn, benefits universal consciousness. Forgiveness, such as an act of love, seems to directly intertwine with consciousness. The universe is vibrating energy. Therefore, all objects are within this field of energy. And, all things have the potential to live in conscious presence.

I wish you happiness and good health


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