Living life is more than a bubble.

A Bubble Floats in the Air Without Worry

Let’s start this article with a question to take you down memory lane. Do you remember playing with a soap bubble making toy? It is a joy to watch a cascade of glittering transparent spheres floating in the air. People, young and old alike, delight in watching bubbles glide through the air. So, this experience seems almost magical. Soap, Thus, soap bubbles are within Sumerian writings from 3000 to 5000 years ago. The Sumerian civilization used a crude soap to wash wool. This suggests that people, very early in our history, surely knew the pleasure of watching bubbles soar in the wind.


A glimmering bubble gently twirling in the air stirs something from deep within us. This is true for our generation as well as for people living thousands of years before us. We can verify this through writings and paintings throughout our history. As often shown, bubbles attract us to a place beyond the world around us. We wish to jump within the sphere and sail away on a breeze. Our wish is to travel through the gliding orb to a place of innocence and peace. But, why? The glittering sphere merely represents an escape to another place. And, our attitude about many experiences in life is the wish to be anywhere but here.

But, and hopefully, more and more people will eventually become actively conscious. Aware presence allows us to accept, without unnecessary attachment. Thus, we know that everything is as it should be because it is, in this moment. Then a spacious freedom unfolds within any experience. This serenity engulfs us even when we cannot understand something or think that it is so terrible or wrong.

Focus on Being and not the Bubble

What happens when you consciously observe yourself during any experience, such as watching a soap bubble? Does something shift within you? This shift is due to the awakening of your inner universe. Please understand that a true shift occurs through the focus of self-beingness and not from a distraction, such as bubbles. Let’s call this the awakening of your inner being. And, there, within this aware presence, you found the path of self-discovery. Does your perspective change? Please recall that your focus is the observation of self-presence while watching the floating globe. The bubble itself or anything is merely the stepping stone. Therefore, how you live life alters through the practice of conscious self-awareness in any situation. Thus, you deeply realize that peace and harmony are continually possible in almost any interaction.


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