Story-writer Tell Me Another Story

A story-writer stares you back each day when you look in the mirror. This person has the mental capacity to write story after story, moment to moment and day by day.  However, please understand that the mind writes these stories. There are mental bookcases upon bookcases within the mind. The Library of Congress currently has 170 million books. But, compare this to the vast stories within the mind and it is like a water drop in a bucket.

And, please note that firstly these stories and mental books belong exclusively to you. At least, this is what the mind tells you. There are many characters, both good and bad in your stories. Additionally, there are vast selections of story genres; drama, adventure, and horror, to name a few. And the mind, as the story-writer, has an exclusive copyright. This enormous collection of personal and collective stories belongs to you. Wow, that is marvelous. Or is it?


The brain is an incredible body organ that can process huge amounts of information simultaneously. This is fine, when considering it strictly from the level of brain data processing. But what about beyond our mental and physical field of existence? Simply said. What about our conscious state of being? What happens to our conscious awareness during the mind’s storytelling? Well, mental energy blocks out the spaciousness of consciously living. The mind constantly reviews, redefines, and retells these mental stories. On the other hand, conscious universal life energy is always available. So, why don’t we live life consciously? Mostly, because the countless drama and never-ending mind stories overshadow our life experience.

A Manipulative Story-writer Fools You Every Time

Thus, we overlook the conscious awareness sign posts along the way during our life experience. Consequently, conditioning holds us in patterns of repetition relating to old and new mind stories. The complexity of the mind storyteller is incredibly manipulative and dominating. The mind has had hundreds of thousands of years to perfect its storytelling technique on both person and collective levels.

How does this affect our life experience? Let’s consider this from two perspectives. The experiences of our existence have practical and relative applications in daily situations, solely at the level of being human.  However, the mind’s combines memories, experiences, thoughts, and emotions into insignificant stories. These stories have no true reality.  Compare this to reading a book. Suddenly, for whatever reason, you think or believe that you are a character in a book story. This thought or belief is very dominating. Therefore, you forget that you are the observer of the story. Equally, you lose the true universal self in mind story illusions.  

This, in a nutshell, happens each time the conditioned librarian of the mind retrieves a story. The mind tells stories as an orientation point for a current situation. This confuses us into believing that we are the story. Thus, we don’t observe the mind and unconsciously accept the mind as the storyteller of life. This quickly develops into a pattern of dependence or necessity. Hence, we define every moment and every situation based on these bookcases of mind story books. An unconscious person accepts his or her role as the star told by the mind.

“We should not define, nor limit, the experience of life with mind details. Therefore, acceptance and non-attachment are essential in the experience of fully living life. Walk the path of life with consciousness as a walking stick. Thus, you walk a path known and true.”

Best wishes


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