Guess What? None of This Matters

It seems there is always something happening. People complain about this and that and often about everything. Yesterday and Tomorrow is always of importance. Yet, all things are a bother. There is frustration in many of our experiences. It is as if a dark threatening cloud is just out of sight. But guess what? Everything is not as it seems. Nor, as the mind tells you. Actually, we bask in the bright light of life. Nevertheless, a single thought or emotion can obscure life’s brightness.


Why do we so easily disregard or even forget the radiance and clarity within presence? The list of answers to this question is long. There are many factors that manipulate or restrict our conscious awareness. Fear, anticipation, and attachment are a few of these influences and result from mind conditioned behavior. So, what does the title of this article suggest? The short explanation is that nothing truly matters. Still, let’s expand on this insight. Likewise, let’s consider an exercise to practice conscious awareness each day. This stepping stone has the potential to keep us in the now of life.

Guess What? Nothing Really Matters and It’s Okay

Thoughts fly through your head as you read what I have written. Your mind tells you that everything does matter and everything is important. Nonetheless, what the mind tells you is only relative and unimportant to living in this moment. And, there are countless examples we can use to illustrate the insignificance of our thoughts. However, I ask you to reflect on personal situations. How do you react and behave to the mind’s steady output of thoughts and feelings? Is everything, in this moment, as dramatic or serious as the mind tells you. Probably not. This realization can benefit you by keeping you anchored in the now.

Here is a conscious awareness stepping stone to help you experience a state of presence in your life experience. (A life experience is the simple but deep acknowledgement of being and is ongoing.) Ask yourself if this moment could be any different than what it is now. I will give you a hint. What is, is. Thus, the answer is absolutely no. Use this reminder each time you are aware of any confusion, fear or attachment during any thought or experience. Your innate state of presence, balance, and harmony will blossom through this exercise. Recognize that any mind-created variation of what is now is only the mind’s attempt to deny what is now.

I wish you a joyful and safe day


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