Moth Is Lost Because the Lights Are Bright

This article pertains to an area of human behavior that is comparable to a moth. The moth repeatedly flies toward a light or campfire in a kamikaze manner. Why do they do this? Scientists theorize that this is due to a behavior called transverse orientation.  This is common in some insects and involves flying at a constant angle relative to a distant light source. The insect navigates by using the distant light source as a beacon. Thus, the moth experiences perplexity around lights and campfires. Doesn’t this sound like how we react to thoughts and feelings?

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Therefore, let’s look at this from a human standpoint. How is this behavior similar to our search for enlightenment? Enlightenment (spiritual) is the full comprehension of a situation (Wikipedia). We have a built-in navigation system that constantly points to true north. We can call this our transverse orientation, such as with a moth.

The Moth and You Can Fly True to the Source

So, let’s call true north the one true conscious source. This is the totality of being. And, this energy channels through the manifestation of your being. We can refer to this as the bright light of being. Thus, the constant angle (path), relative to the source, suggests an inward direction, instead of outward.  Because, we must first become aware of our state of being in the inner universe. Are you consciously aware of the mind and your inner universe? If yes, you experience clarity in the manifestation of situations and things in the outer universe. If no, you are unconsciously living and experience underlying confusion and fear.

Mental intrusions in our conscious state of being disorient us. Therefore, mind frequencies induce thoughts and feelings onto the path of consciousness. Hence, we start to focus on these distractions instead of the source light at the center of being. Our transverse orientation (focus) on the true light of our universal being becomes obscured by mental impulses. So, similar to the moth, we divert bodily and mental energy to chase light energy illusions of the mind. All the while, this feels so real. So, we stay blind to the one true source light of our being. Will humanity remain dazzled by the mind’s false lights of illusion? Conscious awareness is blossoming worldwide. Still, it is difficult to know if this shift will continue.

Please, reflect on the following insight relating to our topic discussion. It is not your responsibility to change the world. Nor, should you consider others and what others do or do not do. Always look within your inner universe. Clarity and change can only come from within. And, will come in just the right moment. Then everything in the outer universe will fall into place.

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