The Revolution Begins with You

Revolution, in reference to words, might be as significant to conscious awakening as the word now. But, please remember. Words are useful in daily interaction. But, words are, at best, only sign posts to what lies beyond.


Thus, with this understanding, let’s consider conscious awakening as a revolution that is long overdue. Yes, the mind overshadows this uprising. However, deep within and beyond mind influences is something indescribable.  Aware presence is the gateway to this almost magical dimension. The majority of people know, at some level, that something beyond all this mind madness is available to us. Nevertheless, most people are still not able to awaken and claim this state of conscious presence as their own.

It is a person’s state of awareness to the dimension of conscious presence that is foremost significant. This is a conscious revolution that has the potential to change your experience of life and living. But, the mind functions according to repetitious mind patterns that distract and restrict. Nevertheless, you can start a rebellion and free your true self from the minds manipulative and restrictive dominance. There are various writings, such as the following, beneficial in your shift from mind conditioned behavior to conscious presence awareness. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind… Romans 12:2

Awaken to Conscious Presence and Start the Revolution

I received an email from someone whom I have known for years. This person carries a heavy burden in her heart. She expects the world to change so that she can experience happiness and peace. Sadly, as with most people, she blames individuals and things around her for the misery that she experiences. We have spoken many times about how she feels about herself and the world around her. The picture that she describes about her situation is desolate and monotone.

And, most people live with this despair because they think happiness is only possible when everything changes around them. Thus, it is common for a conditioned mind to expect, even demand, that other people, things and situations change. The mind constantly inflects this message onto our life experiences. Nevertheless, always look within yourself to the inner universe that comprises your state of being.  When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. – Max Planck

Obviously, you cannot change many things in your surroundings. However, you can change how you observe and experience any given moment. Sudden, everything will be different without you really needing to do anything. Expectancy and attachments will fade away. You will be flowing with life and not against it.


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