Bucket, Water and the Life that Flows

The bucket I use for house cleaning recently became the focus of my awareness. Hence, conscious presence flowed through me as water in a stream. Likewise, conscious presence becomes obvious to everyone on occasion. This happens when we are in the moment beyond boundaries of mind and body. Yes, an object, such as the bucket I use, will offer a portal to presence. However, any thought, feeling, person or thing is only the jumping off point to active awareness. Thus, practice the acknowledgment of unity and tranquility that flows from you as the source of your beingness. Nothing in your mind or surroundings can give you conscious enlightenment. Presence is a state of being. And, our beingness should flow without biasness, attachment or dependency.


Conscious living is not something we do. Rather, we are the beingness of being. It is beneficial to deeply realize that conscious awareness flows from you. Or, it doesn’t. Here also, your state of beingness determines the energy that flows. Therefore, influences how you live life. No other person or thing can give you conscious presence.

Look Within the Bucket and Find Your True Self

Now please observe something in your immediate surroundings, preferably something in nature such as a tree or stone.  The bucket I have is thirty years old. Yet, the bucket, in that moment of aware presence, was insignificant. Equally, a rock, tree or pail of water have phases of tangibility. In other words, things come and go. Nevertheless, what remains as a constant? Presence, known as consciousness, is continuous. Likewise, a thought, feeling or object, other than its practical use, does not benefit our experience of this moment. Only your state of beingness, aware or unaware, determines how you live.

Therefore, awareness is a stepping stone that offers a clearer understanding of the self that is in all objects. Similarly, there is a deeper understanding of the object itself. On the other hand, a deeper conscious union with any object also allows detachment from it.

How can this be helpful to you? Knowing the self and being in a state of non-attachment allows space for conscious presence to freely flow. Thus, the details and tangibility of any person, plant, animal or object are insignificant. And, this recognition allows you to let go and flow within the manifestation of your beingness. Furthermore, you have clarity and know the essential nature of any experiences from within a universal energy flow. 


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