Nature and You Sing a Song

Often, we take the splendor of nature as granted. The changing of the seasons emphasizes a natural beauty through the world. A blade of grass and a tree swaying in the breeze move within the song of life. Summertime, for example, is a season of long days and hot weather. Additionally, people are generally more carefree during this period.


Thus, people dearly hold summertime in their hearts because we associate a sense of freedom with this season. There are memories of childhood, vacations, festivals, and so much more. Nature, in particular, is vibrating at a higher level during this period. This offers us an opportunity to experience Mother Nature firsthand. Therefore, it is easier for us to consciously unite with each moment as it unfolds naturally.

Nature Holds Out Her Hand to Show Us the Way

Nature marvelously reveals the manifestation of life. This happens regardless of how we categorize it with labels such as spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Nevertheless, the mind attempts to masquerade the flow of life with thoughts and interpretations that are mostly an illusion.

Why is there birth and why is there death? On and on, the questions seem so many. The answers, however, are few and ultimately insignificant. Perhaps, the one and only question for you to ask is why do I question living? Life is not a question to ask. Instead, live and simply sing the song of life. You can sing along or you can stand back and ask why. The first choice will give you peace. But, the second, however, can imprison you.

Therefore, silently listen now to the song of life. Surprisingly, you will hear your song. It is the melody that you compose. And, this you should never doubt. You are the conductor; now be aware and sing it out. The rhythm might change to the beat of your heart. That’s fine, just stay aware for everything changes just as the seasons. But, must we always ask why? The following idea might sound very strange. But, it is only possible to actually know what is happening when you consciously go beyond what is happening. The song of life is not truly an acoustic or visual occurrence. It is the totality of all there is in this moment. So, how will you choose to sing this song?

Wishing you a joyful day


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