Consciousness Unites: The Mind Separates

There is a mystery that baffles the mind. Consciousness is unexplainable. Likewise, we can visualize this as a dimension that is flowing. Therefore, the objects in which this energy manifests have the potential to observe themselves and literally all things. We are this vastness of life. We are not in consciousness. It is in us and the center of the universe is this moment as it manifests through you. We have boundless possibilities to co-create within this dimension.


Many people have already experienced universal consciousness. This is that moment when you have felt yourself in other life-forms or things. What you acknowledge in other things is not per say you the person. You are actually living and breathing as the divine presence of life. I often refer to this as consciousness melting process. This is when you have gone beyond the boundaries of mind and body. Object and life consciousness are no longer separate during this experience of oneness. This separation is only a head game. The mind will repeatedly play this game; if we allow it. It sees this as a reality and conditioned reactions obstruct access to the realm of oneness

This melting process benefits us by removing mind illusions. Furthermore, it allows us to reestablish harmony with ourselves and the universe. However, the object itself is insignificant. Why? This is because you are actually aware of the consciousness in another object and not the object itself in that moment. This is a strange and equally magical experience. Usually a person is not aware enough to simply be aware and live.

Consciousness Nurtures Enlightenment

We feel a connection but we don’t know to whom or what. Later it may reveal itself through an unexpected encounter or telephone call from someone that was suddenly there in this field of conscious perception. The mind interprets and disregards these situations as insignificant. However, this unified energy is very significant. This validates our connection to everything.

Living uncomplicated within this dimension was easier before the diversity caused by self-consciousness. Do all objects have an evolutionary stage that complements the unity and expansion of consciousness? It is not possible to accurately answer this because our species has the highest know level. Furthermore, there are evolution phases relating to mind, body and conscious awakening. How did we live before this awakening stage of self-awareness?

We were in balance and harmony (enlightened) without being aware of it during this period of development. It would be beneficial to remember that almost all objects manifest life. Therefore, the true essence of any form is life. Then something happened. The brain started to develop very quickly in terms of evolution. It is still not exactly clear why this happened. Nevertheless, the minds rapid development eventually overwhelmed the newly awakened self-consciousness.

Still, the partnership between an object and life should be obvious. Life is continually flowing; with or without any particular object. However, the form cannot be without this life energy manifestation. The simple acknowledgement of this energy will reveal our potential to co-create with it. Similarly, we would experience an open communication with other people and things; including our own mind. People would be interfacing directly with life. We would no longer define that occasional strange feeling as coincidental. This sensation is the dawning of our awareness to the deep underlining interaction between all things.

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