An Inquiry into Being in Love

Being in love gives us joy. This love and affection can be to a person, a thing or even self-love. Love is marvelous and, at times, equally perplexing. This is fine. However, this reference is not necessarily about physical or emotional love. Instead, our inquiry is into the totality of love.


Therefore, let’s take the first step into this inquiry through the realization that love is energy. This energy attaches itself to either our mental or emotional center of focus. But, please understand that love is always present, as is true for all universal energy.  Have you experienced a moment when all judgments, doubts, anxiety and fear were at a minimum? What did you feel? Was it something that you cannot truly express in mere words? Would it be appropriate to describe this state of being as a blissful experience? The sensation you experience in such a moment is possible through the natural flow of universal energy. The blissfulness you experience is possible because you are going with the flow.

This is much more than the love or compassion for anything specific, such as a person or thing. Furthermore, it is ultimately a self-love. This state of presence is significant because love and life manifest from the totality. And, you are along for the ride. On the other hand, you influence the flow and manifestation of this energy. I mention this in many of the articles and books that I have written. Therefore, let’s not concentrate on insight relating to universal energy. However, I will include the follow insight as reference points. This will hopefully benefit our inquiry into the manifestation of universal energy. Life, love and consciousness naturally flow in harmony. Nevertheless, there are many frequencies that can disrupt how life, love and consciousness manifest.

A Deep Inquiry into Love Always Reveals the Totality of Living

The mind, individual and collective, generate overwhelming and conflicting frequency pulsations.  Thus, conscious awakening blossoms well in a person that observes the mind in a state of non-attachment. Let’s continue a step further into universal understanding of love in a state of conscious presence.

Do you recall the last time you hugged someone? Remember, this question is not in reference to actually hugging a person. The essence of a hug originates from beyond the physical and mental existence framework. Therefore, I repeat the question. And, please consider the question from a conscious state of being. Have you ever truly hugged someone?

Focus on this question from the dimension of presence and not from the minds thoughts of you hugging someone. A universal hug uniquely focuses on pure consciousness, unconditional being and absolute beingness. Both of which are possible for our species at its current state of self-conscious evolution. The threshold is there.  We only need to let go and allow. You sense this portal to universal beingness/life/love on occasion. And, I am sure that deep within your desire is to engulf yourself in the sheer blissfulness of living.

Hence, here is an exercise in conscious awareness. Let go of everything the mind insists or demands from you. Allow the mind to be as it is and simply go with the universal flow during any experience. Then reach out consciously and hug a tree, a flower, someone and everyone. Practice doing this without the mind. It is possible. You can already feel this sensation at the depth of your being. And, your desire is to let universal life and love blossom.

Happiness and best wishes to you


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