You are awakening to consciousness. This new perspective and clarity can be confusing. Nevertheless, you will begin to feel space and freedom in all you do. Yet, it can be scary and the mind is defiant. Imagine, if you will, a tug rope game. This battle of control first appears to be between the mind and consciousness. However, the mind is on both ends of the rope. While enlightenment (consciousness) is on the sidelines neutrally watching the conflicting mind. This mind-conflict is misleading in the beginning of the awakening process. It will seem that the mind and consciousness are in a power-struggle. But, the mind is only in conflict with itself.

Therefore, what is your relationship with the mind? This is the key question in consciously awakening to a state of deeper presence.

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Eckhart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey – Conscious Awakening Beyond Mind

This video includes Oprah Winfrey Soul Series interviews with Eckhart Tolle. The conversations focus on the process of conscious awakening. Mr. Tolle offers profound insight relating to living in a state of presence beyond the mind. This is a recommended listening experience with beneficial stepping stones during the mind to consciousness transition.