Loneliness Is Only a Word but You Are so Much More

Linda De Vrieze wrote the following article. I have known Linda for several years. We share ideas and insight relating to the process of awakening to consciousness. Linda expresses the core essence of loneliness. Furthermore, it is possible for each and every person to tap into this solitary dimension of one. Linda Shares the following insight.


“There is a quote, it says Being alone has a power only a few can handle. I would like to paraphrase and expand on this insight. “Being alone has a power yes, and many are too afraid to connect to themselves and to go deep within. Many confuse being alone with something or someone that is missing. But, the opposite is true. Being alone means connected to ALL that you are, complete and whole. There is no lacking no missing. Being alone is your natural state of being.

Awakening to Loneliness

‘Being alone means, the core essence of who you are, connected within, to your own heart and soul. From there you can be true to your authentic self. It means that anyone’s opinion or vision may enter your mind. But it will never disturb nor destroy your essence of BEING.  The true essence of who you are. Being alone means being able to sit with every outer issue reflected upon you. And yet, taking it as a tool to find how it touches you in your inner being. You observe how it affects you and how it makes you grow and glow. Being alone means, being unafraid, being fearless to define yourself by your own soul. It means you can sit, alone with every emotion, thought, and vision.

You experience this in stillness not surrounded by noise, distraction or temptation. Being alone means you can handle yourself from a deep-rooted strength and trust. Thus, you are one with the power of your own beautiful soul. It means you can love all and everyone without attachment to anyone and anything. You are already complete and free. So, there is nothing that can make you feel incomplete or make you more complete than you already are now.

Loneliness Is the Light that Allows You to Shine

‘It means, you can light up your own darkness, you can create your own independent sunshine and even light up the world.  Your heart shines not only for you. It shines from you. This light just shines. Wherever you are. Whatever might be. Being alone, means being one, with all that you are. A perfect marriage between your own mind, soul and spirit… This loneliness is the relationship between you and all of yourself. It’s all that you celebrate and all you have lived. Being alone is all you will have and all you will ever be. This means to love because love is what you find deep within as your essence. Being alone means you can be all, and give yourself all that you think you need to get from the outer world.

Solitude means finding true love within and to have access to all you need to be whole and complete. Being alone is the path that leads you to you. It leads to love and to being one. Being alone shows us abundance. It leads to peace, joy, and happiness. Alone is never to be alone. This is a universal truth. Being alone leads to you and to being love. Yes, being alone has a real true authentic power.  Anyone can handle it.  But yet, only if you are willing to be with yourself, to find yourself in the midst of the world. This so-called loneliness, this oneness is the central core of essence. Look deep within this which always and forever will be the source of love. Being alone is who you are. You will know this as you connect to the love within.”

Beyond Loneliness

I am very grateful to Linda for sharing her insight and wisdom here and in our Facebook group “Simplicity of life”. I have met many people who express a need to find love. You can probably identify with how this feels. Additionally, these individuals often feel trapped in particular situations. This often causes a person to reach out to someone. This is an attempt to alleviate the suffering and loneliness felt. This behavior can be hereditary and also results from evolutionary development patterns. These are only mind reactions. The minds strong insistence to be in love is the antagonist of living in balance and harmony.

“Our practice is to love and to live without the demands and attachments of the mind. Therefore, realize that you can only find love in another person when you have first found it within yourself. Likewise, you will always feel loneliness until you acknowledge that you are never alone. It is impossible to be on your own in a universe based on one.”

I am planning a manuscript project that will share my search for love that begin as a boy. The book will include the joys, frustrations, and delusions that were part of a journey of awakening. The book will have something for everyone; drama, tragedy, sex, joy, sorrow, and much more. The books essence will reflect my process of conscious awakening. I eventually realized that love was not something to look for out there. Everything is here, within us.

Wishing you a nice day!


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