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Bugs and Insects Everywhere

I observed a bird hopping through the grass searching for something to eat a few days ago. The bird does what we do each day in an evolutionary and fundamental manner.  Survival is instinctive… as is true for all animals, plants and people. Thus, a bird eats bugs, worms and basically anything that is digestible. Of course, species evolution differs between birds and humans in various aspects. And yet, the two, as well as all species, are more alike than is apparent at first glance.


Are you self-conscious? And, if yes, do you think that self-consciousness provides you with advantages? Well, on the contrary, self-consciousness is a psychological side-affect that adversely influences living within unconditional presence. Let’s use the bird to illustrate this idea. Bugs and other insects are everywhere. And, yet, from time to time a bird will attempt to catch something to eat and miss. What does the bird do after it fails to catch a bug? It continues hopping in the grass without any self-contemplation or self-doubt until the next insect appears. On the other hand, what do you often experience when you miss the bus or can’t complete a task? Self-consciousness, overthinking and conditional behavior overwhelm you with confusion, self-doubt and fear. Thus, evolutionary development of cerebral functions such as self-consciousness and classical conditioning inhibit our aware presence.
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The Matrix of Life Is Your Wish and Your Design

Many people enjoy watching the Matrix trilogy. The Matrix story portraits a world of illusion. And, the movies suggest that life is a type of mental hypnosis and computers control our existence. Nevertheless, let’s consider an underlining message that is not immediately obvious. We actually experience a life of mental illusions due to our unaware observation of living. And, yes, there is a matrix within the universe and life. Accordingly, universal energy is within the flow of life. This energy vibration manifest through and around all objects. It connects everything. However, most people disregard the vibrating frequencies within the universal and the manifestation of life. Thus, most people are not willing or able to acknowledge their role in the flow of universal energy and life.


The Matrix of Living Life Weaves What You Create

You design and influence a matrix in each second of your existence. This is true for all objects within the vibration of universal energy at some given level. Furthermore, whether you experience living from a mentally hypnotic or fully conscious state of being is your choice. Realizing that you have a choice is a fundamental step in acknowledging that you are the co-creator of your experiences. Continue reading


Bucket, Water and the Life that Flows

The bucket I use for house cleaning recently became the focus of my awareness. Hence, conscious presence flowed through me as water in a stream. Likewise, conscious presence becomes obvious to everyone on occasion. This happens when we are in the moment beyond boundaries of mind and body. Yes, an object, such as the bucket I use, will offer a portal to presence. However, any thought, feeling, person or thing is only the jumping off point to active awareness. Thus, practice the acknowledgment of unity and tranquility that flows from you as the source of your beingness. Nothing in your mind or surroundings can give you conscious enlightenment. Presence is a state of being. And, our beingness should flow without biasness, attachment or dependency.


Conscious living is not something we do. Rather, we are the beingness of being. It is beneficial to deeply realize that conscious awareness flows from you. Or, it doesn’t. Here also, your state of beingness determines the energy that flows. Therefore, influences how you live life. No other person or thing can give you conscious presence. Continue reading


Falling in Love…Again and Again

Do you feel love? This question first appears easy to answer. However, nothing is ever as it seems, including what we call love. Let’s use an exercise to illustrate the predicament that this question causes. Did you answer yes to the above question?  And, if so, how do you justify your answer? Yes, you feel something. But, a feeling is, at best, temporary and usually based on misconceptions. Still, let’s play out our inquiry about falling into love. You bump into someone at the grocery store. There is something about this person. You don’t know what. Nevertheless, your head tells you that he/she is perfect. And, suddenly you claim to be in love.


And, yes, this happens to everyone. Countless people fall in love at least once or twice a week 😊. Likewise, these same people insist they are in love without knowing why. Therefore, again I ask what is it that you feel? Love has been the center point of conversations, romantic literature and music for thousands of years. Nonetheless, talking, reading or singing about a feeling does not verify that it is love. And, no, I am not being cynical.  However, what we do with this feeling does not mean that symbols, definitions, or conditioned behavior is love. These are, rather, only tangible and non-tangible objects, thoughts and emotions that we label as love.

Therefore, the joys and sorrows of a supposed love may ultimately have nothing to do with actual love. I realize this insight is likely confusing, abstract and slightly irritating. However, let’s consider this idea for a moment. When you feel joy, it is because of an emotion. Something you see, hear or touch triggers emotions that generate feelings. Thus, in our example, you claim to be in love. Continue reading


Life! Now Is the Time to Be You

Unawareness usually hides the beauty of life from us. Typically, we assume to be conscious throughout most of our activities. At least, this is what the mind tells us with countless thoughts and emotions. Thus, the mind uses a type of deception to convince us that we are conscious of living. This is not the actual truth. Our consciousness is a mind-made consciousness. And, this false sense of being restricts us. This is not the true consciousness of being alive.


Consciousness is awareness in a state of presence without attachment. Each person’s length and level of awareness varies. Still, the majority of people never really experience unconditional aware presence. And yet, these same individuals stand in the doorway of consciousness. But, they don’t acknowledge the significance of consciously living. Thus, most people cannot identify with the dimension of conscious beingness. Still, we often experience moments of aware presence.  Furthermore, instinctively we feel that an inner release (peaceful presence) is within our grasp. Then the world comes crashing down on us. Just as we were on the verge of letting go and jumping into the bliss of unconditionally living. Nevertheless, it is possible to realize the true essence of your beingness within aware presence. Continue reading


Hope Without Worry

Hope changes everything. At least, this is what we are told. But, hoping for something is the same as expecting something. Thus, this expectancy causes attachment. And, attachment causes frustration, anxiety and worry. Therefore, these behavior patterns overwhelm most people that unconsciously live life from the mind. Additionally, the mind misleads us with continual distractions. This interference confuses us during daily experiences and on the path of our inner self-discovery. The mind uses our attachment to thoughts, feelings and worldly details to suppress conscious awareness. In other words, the mind stops us from being conscious of consciousness. Thankfully, the practice of aware presence within our state of being offers conscious enlightenment.


To unlearn what you have learned is a beneficial stepping stone. This suggests unlearning useless mind behavior that does not nurture your conscious self-awakening. Let’s consider how often you hope for something as an example of insignificant mind activity. Expectation is synonymous with hope. Therefore, please be honest with yourself in answering the following question. How often do you anticipate (want/expect) something? The need and expectancy for something continuously happens, regardless of a persons’ level of conscious awareness. The only difference between an unaware or consciously aware person is in their observation of the mind’s behavior. Any person has the potential to consciously awaken to a state of aware presence. Continue reading


Try Your Best or Maybe Not

It is important to understand that achieving all that the universe has to offer us means exactly what it implies. You are not here to determine what is best for yourself and what is not. Although, everyone tells you to try your best. And, the mind assures you that what you want is what you should get. However, this is not exactly true. Yes, many ideas and wishes can and will come true. That’s because these are co-creations that originate in a state of aware presence and not from illusions of the mind.


We may believe that the fulfillment of certain goals come from hard work, determination, or even luck. But, this also is not completely true. Of course, these endeavors may contribute to the achievement of existence activities. But, they are not actually the deciding factors in fulfillment and inner peace. Continue reading

A Pattern of Deception and Your Role

You live in a tangled web of deception. And, no, I’m not writing about government, media or religious interventions. Nevertheless, this trickery happens to you every day and in more ways than you know. And, the mind is responsible for this dilemma. More accurately written, your unconscious reactions to mind behavior is similar to a snowball rolling down a hill. The snowball rolls faster with each turn and gathers more snow on the way. Likewise, a thought turns into another and another, ever faster and faster. And, what usually happens? Countless thoughts appear from nowhere and overwhelm you. Each thought is more complex than the last. This is a pattern that the majority of people experience each day.


So, how do you consciously move beyond this behavior pattern? You probably read about spirituality, enlightenment and bliss as you awakening to conscious living, such as this article. That is fine. However, please do not cling to stepping stones on your inner path as necessary in reaching conscious enlightenment. Continue reading

Symbolizing Life Restricts Actually Living Life

It is true that any individual cannot truly change the behavior of a person or the details of a situation. However, it is possible for each person to change his or her perspective in each moment. It is very difficult for the mind to accept what happens in any given moment. The key is to realize that each person determines the outcome of his or her life experience. This unfolds simply through the observe of living. I cannot write or say the following often enough. Your relationship with the mind is capable of changing everything. Not the mind itself, but simply through your aware relationship with it. This determines how you interact with the mind. And, how you observe the mind, yourself and any situation regulates the consequence (flow) of any thought, feeling or manifestation.


On the other hand, symbolizing details of your experiences, other than for basic practical use, restricts aware presence. Thus, the manifestation of presence flows in parallel with our energy output that is either conscious or unconscious. Likewise, we use symbolization to create illusions of living and loving. offers us the following in reference to symbolic representation. Symbolization is the unconscious mental representation of one thing by another. Therefore, use of a symbol is also an attempt to resolve assumptions, questions and interpretations of how we live. Symbolizing structures our life experience so that it is more familiar and recognizable in accordance with a thought or feeling. Continue reading


The Revolution Begins with You

Revolution, in reference to words, might be as significant to conscious awakening as the word now. But, please remember. Words are useful in daily interaction. But, words are, at best, only sign posts to what lies beyond.


Thus, with this understanding, let’s consider conscious awakening as a revolution that is long overdue. Yes, the mind overshadows this uprising. However, deep within and beyond mind influences is something indescribable.  Aware presence is the gateway to this almost magical dimension. The majority of people know, at some level, that something beyond all this mind madness is available to us. Nevertheless, most people are still not able to awaken and claim this state of conscious presence as their own.

It is a person’s state of awareness to the dimension of conscious presence that is foremost significant. This is a conscious revolution that has the potential to change your experience of life and living. But, the mind functions according to repetitious mind patterns that distract and restrict. Nevertheless, you can start a rebellion and free your true self from the minds manipulative and restrictive dominance. There are various writings, such as the following, beneficial in your shift from mind conditioned behavior to conscious presence awareness. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind… Romans 12:2 Continue reading