Restrictions of Life and Love

Restrictions, of all types, overshadow our daily activities. You shouldn’t do this and you can’t do that. We think and believe in this way. Please understand that the mind is always in a thinking process. However, thoughts restrict our awareness to presence.

Furthermore, it is impossible to be present when you are concentrating on these thoughts and/or emotions. Naturally, you will still notice things around you. Nevertheless, these will only be in a tunnel vision range of attention; both physically and consciously. This type of awareness is not the same as being active in presence. Therefore, these restrictions are counter-productive to expansion of object consciousness. Furthermore, these mind restrictions will cause contamination in whatever manifests.

We consciously have the potential to co-create with life and to nurture both life and love. Equally, what we are thinking, feeling and desire is what will manifest in some form. However, the line sometimes becomes blurred between mind and consciousness. Nevertheless, the energy of both and therefore how something will manifest is very different. Consciousness does not necessarily need the mind (controversial). Nonetheless, the mind savagely feeds on consciousness. Furthermore, the mind will often assimilate conscious energy. This is not actually intentional. Rather it is conditional, due to evolutionary and social patterns of development.

Beyond Mind-Created Restrictions

Therefore, mind-generated restrictions also influence the energy flow of life and love. Does this suggest that it is necessary to choose between mind and consciousness? Yes and no. It will be a choice until a person has experienced the shift from mind to conscious awareness. Furthermore, it will usually happen without you actually experiencing it. This is because the shift will occur from a state of conscious presence.The mind usually manipulates an experience. Whereas, a conscious state of existence implies that you become the experience itself instead of observing it. Furthermore, consciousness does not require recognition, praise or even ridicule. However, the mind demands your undivided attention and servitude.

Moreover, the mind is notorious for tempting a person with the very restrictions that bind him or her. Therefore, we remain in this repetitive conditioned behavior pattern. Consequently, a person will linger within the realm of the conditioned mind until he or she doesn’t. Don’t let the wording of this sentence confuse you. It suggests that the moment of active awareness (enlightenment) will come when there is no need for assumptions or definitions. This is because active awareness to presence will allow you to acknowledge conscious living. Furthermore, you will acknowledge the mind as nothing more than a by-product of life conscious expansion.

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